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Description Jaguars are mammals. They belong to the cat family. Jaguars weight 70 to10 kg. They can grow up to 00 cm or m long. Jaguars have a brownish/yellow fur with black spots all over their body. Their spots or dots are smaller than a tiger’s spots. It’s stomach is white. It’s mouth and chest are also white.

Food Jaguars eats lots of things. Like monkeys, deers, rodents, sloths, pigs, turtles, frogs, fish, and many other stuff. In the zoo, they eat horsemeat, liver, and oxtails. Sometimes, if they can’t find any animals, they will just eat whatever they find. It’s very rare for a Jaguar to attack humans. If you encounter one one day, just stand still and it will go away.

Habitat You can find Jaguars in rainforests, marshes, and grasslands. They live in Mexico, South America and Central America. They use to live in other places, but not anymore.

Habits A Jaguar’s habit is like hunting, “fishing”, sleeping, eating, and other stuff. They hunt in forests and rivers. I mean fishing. Not like holding a fishing rod. They fish by using their paw.

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Special Characteristics Jaguars are sometimes call Panthera onca. Well, that’s what Jaguar means. Also called he who kills at one leap. Jaguars are the biggest and strongest cat in all of North America. Jaguars are excellent swimmers. They love water. They are one of the best swimmers out of the cat family. They are also very good tree climbers. Jaguars can live up to years because they have no enemies. No one dares to attack them Jaguars are an endangered spices. People kill them and take their fur. There are only 15000 jaguars left in the wild. People think that Jaguars will be extinct in less than an year. Oh no! Did you that Jaguars are the only cat that doesn’t roar!? Now that’s weird.

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