Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ahhnold for the Toughest

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Anyone who has seen an Arnold Schwartzenegger movie knows he is always the toughest, baddest, most feared man ever. Whatever movie Arnold plays in, his character always survives, and no matter how much of a little, wimpy family man he tries to portray, he always stands out as the tough guy. Out of all the tough movie stars from Sylvester Stallone to Jean Claude Van Dam, Arnold Schwartzenegger is, for sure, the toughest man ever.

As a real life name, he is a representative to some, of a buff looking dude you see, unless they play sports, because Arnold doesn’t play sports. But even though he could and would be good at sports, you could even say the buff looking dude who does play sports is Arnold. Even though Arnold Schwartzenegger isn’t really the strongest or most bulky looking man in the world, he is in all of his movies. That’s why he is the guy who pops in your head when you’re describing that muscle bound guy you saw to someone or when you see him. Unless someone who’s stronger, more polished, and has more of a “God” attitude than Arnold has, which I highly doubt, he will always be an icon of any ordinary stacked man.

Another reason Arnold Schwartzenegger is the toughest guy of all tough guys is because of his Austrian accent. He has an accent of how the toughest guy in the world would sound like. Just by hearing his voice, it just automatically pops in your head that he’s someone who will hurt, out talk, and even outsmart you if you have any opposition with him. In movies like Terminator, Total Recall, or Kindergartin Cop, it was the best thing for a guy to cooperate and always be on Arnold’s good side no matter what he does to him.

One more reason why Arnold should be thought of as the toughest of all tough guys in the movies, is because he has been the toughest guy in the movies for the longest time. If we were to look back throughout all his movies, he has pretty much started the tough guy, super-hero clich� of movie plots. His history of acting and starring dates all the way back to the late 70’s and early 80’s. For more than 0 years he has been the main character of any movie he was in and mostly the hero. But unless you can find a movie where he was just a “comic relief”, “co-star”, or any other type of step-ladder for the main character(s) he was and still is the toughest main character in the history of tough-guy hero movies.

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Now the next time when thinking of Arnold, it would probably be the most fitting to think of him as the toughest guy. Even though he isn’t the toughest guy in the real world, he is for sure in his movies. Be sure to check out Terminator and scope him out. We’ll see if you agree that he is the toughest tough guy of all the tough guys in the movies. In fact, I know you will because if you doubt him out… he’ll knock you out.

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