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The sun had risen out really early in the morning and the bright sunlight had went through Mr. Davids bedroom window since his blinds were wide opened. He had lived on his own in this tiny house in the middle of no were and there werent many houses next to him so, pretty much he was on his own since, he had no family because they had died in a airplane crash. The bright sunlight made him startled and he stretched out his arms and yawned really loudly and said What a fine day today. Mr. David got out of his bed and switched the television set on to the News channel ,and while watching the news, Bob the caster forecasted that the whether would be a perfect day to go to the beach or even boating. So, Mr. David thought of going to the beach with his old dear friend Jessica and just spending a lovely day at the beach or maybe even spend a night at a hotel near the beach , but he would have to call Miss. Jessica and ask if she would like to go with him , also if she would like to spend the night at a nice beautiful hotel. When he called her she picked up the phone at the first ring and Mr. David asked her and she said that “she would love to, but she wanted to be home around 600pm”. Miss. Jessica asked Mr. David if he would like her to meet him at his house and he said Ok sure, but wait I need to give you my directions first and make sure you are over like in a hour or so and dont worry about lunch its all on me. Ok , thanks replied Miss. Jessica. After getting off the phone he started to make sandwiches to take on the beach and packed drinks , with some junk food and put it all in a small little cooler. He also, packed a towel, blankets, sunscreen and extra clothes, and all his other personal belongings. When Miss. Jessica arrived she was so excited to go to the beach that she was ready to go as soon as possible. She didnt really want to eat so they left to the adventure at the beach. On the drive there, the sun was still out , but there was a little breeze and some wind, but indeed the weather was still great, hopefully. They got out of the car and took out the cooler and the blankets and everything out and as they started to walk closer towards the water and get a spot to sit to get a tan, they saw a big sign that read Small Town Beach. The spot they found was right out in the middle of the beach and they spread out the blanket, while both of them enjoyed the food and started to munch on the junk food such as chips, cookies, etc. Both of them put some sun screen on so they wouldnt get tanned that much and then they went in the beach or actually in the water and the water was so cold that they walked so slowly into the water. The waves were very high, and as soon as the waves came closer they would have to jump a little or the waves would just push them slightly over. They had stayed in the water for a while. Jessica suddenly looked at the sky quickly and was shocked that the sky looked gloomy like a tornado was about to hit or something, but she didn’t say anything to Mr. David. As the day passed by the sun went in the clouds. Then as it had gotten darker and darker the wind was blowing harder and harder. Jessica thought they should leave to but, Mr. David replied “Nothing will happen Jessica since Bob the news caster said the weather would be fine today”. Well, I’m leaving said Jessica and I don’t care what you or the news caster said. People quickly running to there car and Jessica started to run as fast as she could and grabbed David’s car keys and she kept running towards the car, but then David started to ran after her and said come back her now. You can’t leave he screamed at her. The police officers and guards yelled out “A hurricane is about to hit here so, evacuate to a shelter area. Jessica kept running and finally she reached the car and she zoomed off in the car and David ran after her, but he was too late in catching up with her. David turned around, but then the wind made it harder for him to get back to find some help, but he was too late so the next thing closet thing in getting help was just going into a hotel room and just sneaking up in a room. David broke the window of the hotel room and just jumped into the room and hid in the smallest closet ever. As, he was going into the hotel room it started to rain harder and harder , the wind was like 100 miles per hour. Things had started to fall down, for instance the trees, tree branches, etc. Everything was just everywhere. The sky was so dark, it was so black and it looked like it was midnight and really it was just 700pm. Mr. David was so scared and frightened since he had never went through anything like this before. David could hear the wind blowing and blowing. The hotel windows started to break and glass pieces shattered everywhere, tree pieces started to come in the hotel room . David was watching everything through the closet holes. It started to thunder and it was lightning so much and David heard the rain pouring down. David could hear the noises of the rain hit the ground. Rain had started to leak inside the hotel room. I mean there was about two inches of water inside the hotel room. Water had started to come into the closet where he was sitting down. He was soaked and his clothes were drenched with water. He started to get a cold and started to sniffle. The roof was about to fall in, because Mr. David heard half of the roof fall in. He heard a big loud noise. The noise was a “THUMP”. He got so startled when that happened. After that happened he, could hear more noises and hear all the rain pouring down, also hear the trees falling down. He didn’t have any blankets or anything to eat since, he ran and forgot about all his belongings. Mr. David was starving to death. He didn’t know what to do . He felt lonely too and he just didn’t know what to do anymore. He hated the news caster at that time. He just wished he never listened to Bob the news caster. All Mr. David kept hearing is pounding of the rain, thundering and lightning. He never knew when this horrible weather would be over. It must have been two hours since this hurricane had been going on. He also heard people screaming “Help Me” and running. David then started to get panicky. He felt bad for them. He hoped they would be ok. As soon as he knew it the wind and hail had blown away his closet and now he was just there getting wet more and still things were flying everywhere and a glass piece had hit him and he started to bleed. He was about to cry since he was hopeless. He just dropped his head down into his knees and after a few minutes he fell asleep. Well, he was startled by a police officer and they were looking for people who were left behind. He was like “Oh my where Am I”. Don’t worry you will be Ok Mr. David. The Hurricane is gone. The police officer noticed he had bruises and blood marks on his face. They took him to the hospital to get checked up. Mr. David was worried about his dear friend Jessica. He kept asking where is she? Did she get home safe. The police officer replied no she didn’t she died . Her car lost control. I can’t believe it said Mr. David. It’s all my fault I was the one that brought her to the beach. “I will never listen to the weather channel again said Mr. David”. Well, outside the weather was ok. It was flooded everywhere. There was a flood watch and trees were dropped to the ground. Many of the houses were broken into pieces and there was no seen of any houses anywhere. Mr. David couldn’t believe it. Well, at the hospital they checked up Mr. David. He was ok just a few bruises and just some minor cuts. His house was probably destroyed so, the police officer took him to see his house, but it was ruined as they drove by. All they saw was wood pieces and trees everywhere. The roof was into pieces. Mr. David couldn’t believe his eyes. He started to cry, and he didn’t know what he was going to do. The scene was like someone just had crushed the houses into pieces. So, for a while he was staying at the shelter homes, until his house was rebuilt again or Mr. David thought of killing himself since he had nothing to live for. His dear friend had died, and his whole family. Mr. David was just so sad. He hated life it self. Mr. David started to panic. But, at the shelter he saw a lot of families there with there kids and their whole family while, he was just sitting there alone. I mean he didn’t even have that much money to rebuild his house. He had only one thing left to do. He had no beds at this shelter, and not that much food, so he thought of going to his only parents house in Love ville, since he was living in Small Town and just would have nobody to live with. So, he asked the shelter representative if he could call his parents in Love ville and they said sure go ahead and he did that. His parents were furious of what his parents what happened to him and what the situation was and they asked him if he would like to stay with them and he replied sure Mom and Dad. Thanks for helping me said Mr. David. They said they would pick him up tomorrow morning. He told them the shelter’s name and how to get there. He was so relieved that, his parents were there for him otherwise he would have committed suicide. The next morning they came early in the morning as soon as the sun had came out. Mr. David was so relieved that he survived and he forgot about his house and lived with his parents from then on and never listened to the news caster again. I mean, usually there are warnings before hurricanes, but he realized he miss understood the news since he was a little crazy at times, but Miss Jessica didn’t even watch the news so , she wouldn’t have known and that’s why there weren’t many people at the beach. He was later diagnose with a disease in where he misunderstood everything and heard things wrong and he always needed a person there with him. His life was a very tough life, but he lived the best as he could from then on. His family was always there for him too. They had supported him and knew him for who he was.

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