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the giver

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Think of a community that tries to make a perfect society. The Giver is a book about a society that strives for Utopia. While reading this book two opinions were formed. One that this community is perfect and the other that it is imperfect. It could be perfect in the way that no one has to worry about doing the wrong thing or being criticized by anyone. But another person would think it was imperfect because you don?t make your own decisions. Someone controls everyone other than himself or herself. Then also no one has feelings, which can be good, because you don?t have to worry about being sad or depressed but you also never can feel good things like love. Meaning different opinions can conclude that The Givers community is perfect and in perfect in everyway.

Some people control who their partners are going to be, which clothes they wear, which jobs they get, the time they eat, how many kids they have, and what time they have to be home. They have to be with someone who is the same as them; they don?t choose their own partners. They choose their jobs, by seeing what which jobs they are good at. They can only apply for two children, a girl or a boy. They also have to be asleep at the same time. So you still have no choices, which is good because it?s easier but someone is still controlling you.

They modify the environment. They have no weather that way everyday will remain the same. They have birthmothers so they won?t over populate the society. Also they don?t have big machinery. So they won?t breathe in pollution.

They control their feelings by taking pills for stirrings; they have percision of language. They have precision of language by not being able to say some words. For example they can?t say love or any bad words. They give the people pills to control their feelings (stirrings) so that they won?t have lustful dreams or feel desire to be with other people of the opposite sex. Also no one has any memories. They control their memories by having all the memories are received by one person. This includes everything happiness, pain, and even war.

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As you can see the community of The Giver is very controlling. The people in don?t have freedom of speech and they are not able to make any decisions on their own. They all are the like robots. Someone tells them to do something and they do it right away no questions. But this could be a good thing because that you don?t have to make decisions on your own. You also don?t have to worry about doing the wrong thing. In my opinion it is imperfect because I think that everyone should be able to make their own decisions whenever they need to. This also allows people to learn from their mistakes. This shows that different opinions form different ideas on how The Givers community is perfect and imperfect.

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