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Malcolm X's Childhood

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Malcolm Little had a very hard childhood. His father died at a young age, and as a result, his mother was taken away from the only things she had left, her eight children. Malcolm went to live with many families, but he liked living with his half-sister Ella the most. Once he got to Boston though, he became a “homeboy”. Shorty became a very big influence on Malcolm’s life during this time. Malcolm also took a job as a shoeshine boy in one of the clubs, where his life of drug addiction and crime begins. He also begins to have a relationship with Laura, but soon breaks up with her to go out with a while girl, Sophia. All of these unfortunate happenings would drive any other man crazy, but this isn’t an ordinary man. This is a man who became a revolutionary hero during his time.

If Malcolm didn’t have Shorty by his side, he probably would have just gone back to Ella’s house on the hill, and forgotten all about the “ghetto”. However when Shorty helped Malcolm get a job, and gave him some pocket money, Malcolm suddenly became engulfed in this new life. This relationship with Shorty got Malcolm his job as a shoeshine boy, but little to his knowledge, Malcolm was also getting himself mixed up in the world of drugs and corruption. The mistake that carried with him for the rest of his life however was breaking up with Laura. Laura was a good girl, living with her grandmother, until Malcolm showed her another side to living. Once he did this, followed by leaving her out cold for a white girl, she never recovered.

The movie Don’t Be a Menace is about African-Americans describing their troubles as they are growing up in “the ‘hood”. The main character ‘Tray is brought to the ghetto ‘hood so he can have a chance to be raised by his father. The movie involves drugs, and a lot of violence in the form of guns and drive-by shootings. It is very hard for the people living in the hood to leave, since they don’t have an education, and they will be discriminated against by the white community.

One character in the movie portrays Malcolm X very well. Preach (Chris Spencer) plays a Muslim who tries to convince his friends of their heritage. Other similarities include the drugs that are commonplace in both the book and the movie. As in the book, there aren’t very many white people in the ghetto ‘hood either. In general, it shows the difference between white and African-American society, with the African-Americans being portrayed as being in the horrible neighborhood.

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Growing up in a tough neighborhood can have many different effects, depending on the person. The effects on the easily brainwashed people in Don’t Be a Menace, is that there is no chance of leaving the ‘hood and that it’s the only way of life. As for the brave Malcolm X, he broke out of the hood, even though Shorty, a very good friend of his showed him the ways of the hood. Malcolm X is a great example of how someone can breakout of the mold, and really be whatever they want. Malcolm went from this hellish childhood to one of the greatest leaders in America.

As children we are told we can be whatever we choose to be, regardless of background or what our parents do. This statement is true, and Malcolm X proved it. But even with his success, he went through a very tough trail to become the great figurehead he was.

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