Thursday, October 20, 2011

Money is the root of all evil

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It would not be true to say that money is the root of all evil, but it is the root of some evil.

realistically, money is an important thing in everybodys life. We need money for almost everything we no in life.we need money to buy food , to have place to stay,and many more. We cannot live our modern way without money.

so most of us engage ourself in some sort of job to earn a living, in other words we work to get money in order to live.we imagine that people would look up to us if we have money. Money can buy almost everything, even happiness. There is where we blunder and allow money to rule over our lives.

Consider a man who spends most of his time working trying to accumulate wealth. he realises that others are also trying to do the same. So this man would probably lie and cheat others to get what he wants. Similarly, others will cheat and manipulate him. If mans luck holds, he succeeds.Otherwise he falls, pick himself up and try again.

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We read daily about people fighting to get into the power. Those in power will make use of their power to line their pockets.. Corruption is rife. In this quest for money, many evil are commited.Some leak out into the public view, some are still kept behind closed doors.

For the sake of more money, a personwith enough greed can do almost anything to get it.Banks and gold shops are held up at gun point. Burglars break into houses. young thugs extort from innocent victims. Girls prostituting themselves. Parents gambling their family into poverty.

What else can we say about money.Do not become enslaved by it or we will become its slave and reap all its evil that it can give

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