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Ontario Liberals

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The Ontario Liberal Party, the current official opposition of the provincial government, is made up of thousands of volunteers across the province who share many common concerns and goals that affect the society. The Liberals are dedicated to trying to offer the people of Ontario a safer community, accessible healthcare and a first-rate education. The Liberals have come up with many plans to improve the community at this coming election and will try to influence the people of Ontario to re-consider their choices. Dalton McGuinty, the leader of the Ontario Liberals, will be terribly busy trying to fulfill his plans and convert the people of Ontario.

The Ontario Liberals have different support groups all spread out over Ontario. They rely on the support they get from a wide variety of people who share their values and principles. Their recent plans of expanding the police force and providing them with resources will help their progress in making Ontario a safer place. They have also made plans on to improve the student’s education system. They criticize the current government saying they wasted the people’s hard earned money and spent it on partisan government advertising. They say they will put out a limit of 0 students per class from kindergarten to Grade . This may upset some parents because their young children might not be able to attend a school from this limit. The Ontario Hydro Crisis was a huge problem in the past and caused a commotion between. The Ontario Liberals declared they would support the people by keeping prices frozen and try to clean up this mess. Latest polls have shown a very tight battle of who would grab the most votes. Currently the Conservatives are leading only by about % according to the Toronto Star. Although the Liberals are second, they are in a good position to win the election because it shows the people are unsure who will be victorious in this battle for Ontario.

The Ontario Liberal believes letting everyone have a fair say in issues and creating strength through teamwork. The policies include by strengthening the democracy, it will help toughen out Ontario. They think that if all their members work together and contribute, then success will come more easily. They have been known to be on the opposition and they were nicknamed “Grits”. The more people that believe these statements will make the Liberals stronger. This will improve their chances at winning the spring election. Some people do not believe and in fact, they say it’s dismaying to see Dalton undermining the democracy of his party. Even an MPP Mr. Stewart, has noted and quoted that the Ontario Liberals lack policies and direction on their issues. This had started a little argument between some candidates that supported the Liberals. This could be the weak point of the Liberals and even if they come up all kinds of different plans it wouldn’t help to have problems with organization.

Dalton McGuinty is the leader of the Ontario Liberals. Since being elected Leader of the Party in 16 he has traveled around all over Ontario trying to find out the people’s dreams and desires. He has come up with many plans to help Ontario such as “Excellence For All” and “ Achieving Our Potential”. He has also declared to be held accountable if not at least 75% of the students of Ontario don’t meet the provincial standard as his first year as premier. Although these plans are all respectively helpful they might turn and backfire on Dalton if he finds himself too busy to keep up with his plans. One that might especially not turn he wants it is his five-point plan on to clean the air that people breath. All in all it sounds really nice but his points on getting cleaner gasoline, diesel fuel and more public transit is going to cost a lot of money. Mcguinty’s plans might crash into each other and pose a problem (e.g. he promises to better manage taxes yet to get all the money to fulfill his clean air-plan is going need money and he might need to raise the taxes in order to do so). His cabinet consists of many people including Rick Bartolucci (Chief Whip), Mike Colle (GTA), Pat Hoy (Transportation) and Gerard Kennedy (Education). These people all play a major role in the success of the Liberals.

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The Ontario Liberals will have to do their best to ensure that the people of Ontario get a safe environment, great education and accessible hospitals. The Liberals can be considered by the citizens for this election to see if they actually have their support. They will show that with teamwork comes success and that their leaders will take care of the people through many of their various plans. They will carry on the tradition and carry the weight of the people to become the government of Ontario. Don’t be surprised if they win the election this spring.

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