Thursday, October 27, 2011

Prostate Cancer

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There are several people in my family that have suffered from cancers and high blood pressure. The high blood pressure seems to be genetic, but the cancer is more of the lifestyle effect in my family. My grandfather’s side seems to have high blood pressure and they all seem to get it around their mid 0’s. My great-great-great grandmother died of stomach cancer. She found out in her late 50’s. My grandmother told me that it did not run in her family and believes it may be due to high intake of alcohol.

My great grandmother died of ovarian cancer. It was a sudden death and we are not sure how long she had it. It could have been prevented if she had her annual checkup, but she refuse to go to the doctor and then it was too late. There could have been a numerous of reasons why she ended up with ovarian cancer.

My father died at the age of 4 a year after he was diagnosed with heart disease. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure at the age of 5. My father did not eat healthy and smoked half of his life. He always ate fried foods even though my mother told him it was bad for him. My father was not overweight so this was not a cause in his death.

I believe that I definitely have a chance for high blood pressure, but not very much chance for cancer. I do have regular checkups and often eat a healthy diet. I am not a smoker and I exercise 4 times a week which can decrease my chances. Since I have been in this class, I have changed some of the foods I eat regularly.

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