Tuesday, October 18, 2011

“Should we go to war with Iraq again?”

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The world is again in the state of emergency, and dealing with evil characters like the likes of Bin Ladden, and Saddam Hussein. These two individuals have cause major problems that have changed every body’s lives and the way the whole world functions as a society. They both have made their intensions to cause terror known worldwide and have made the world very afraid of them. But the one man that is really in the spot light now is Saddam, because he has been found as one of the most dangerous individual in the world. His history with the American people is well recorded in the history of the United States. During the presidency of George Bush senior in the 10’s, Iraq invaded Kuwait to cease the rich Oil that the country procedures. The main reason for the invasion was because Iraq was in big depth from the eight-yeah war that they fought against Iran. Saddam thought that by invading the neighboring country, Kuwait, that this wound benefits his country and gain more power, and more control, and this was a big mistake on his part and was a move that will change history forever. Now the ironic thing about the situation with Iraq is that he has gotten himself in trouble again, putting his face in the front page of almost every newspaper; and dealing again with George Bush, and the funny part about it is he is dealing with the son this time around.

The Question is, “Should we go to war with Iraq again?” Now, the first war with Iraq was a united coalition with the different countries from the United Nations to help out the Kuwaitis from being invaded. And to send a message to Saddam that actions like this is not tolerated by any type of countries. The United Nations was created to keep world peace worldwide either by counseling the countries in conflict, or by enforcing peace by military actions like the fight against Iraq. The war was called, “The Gulf War” and was a quick war that forced Iraq to surrender and force to destroy their weapons for mass destruction. But this was in the 10’s and the situations then were different from the situations that we face today. Now, Iraq is not invading any countries or fighting against any of it’s neighboring countries. He is just minding his own political business running his country his own way he sees fit for him and the only thing that he did wrong that is causing chaos worldwide is he is trying to rebuild his arsenals for mass destruction all over again. The United States have found that Saddam is building Nuclear Weapons to use against who knows what countries, but since the United States has a long history with Iraq, the most likely target would be the U.S.

The first mistake that the U.S. did during The Gulf War was not trying hard enough to disarm Iraq. They just left and let Saddam play games with the weapon’s inspectors, when they tried to search for weapons in Iraq. To the American people the effort put forth by the U.N. and the U.S. was a lazy one. So will the American people feel the same in the second coalition against Iraq, or while the American people rejects the decision? Will the America support the son of the president that should have taken care of the problem that faced us twelve years ago, or disregard it like some of the individuals in our society today. My group conducted a study on how the American people would feel about the conflict against Iraq. The purpose of the survey was to find out how people that are of different backgrounds would support the hypotheses, and how many would oppose.

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