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Three Kings

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Three Kings



Director/Writer (David O. Russell), Producer (Charles Roven)

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George Clooney (Archie Gates), Mark Wahlberg (Troy Barlow), Ice Cube (Chief Elgin)

Plot Summary

The movie starts of with Barlow shooting an Iraqi soldier in the neck. The next day him and Conrad find a very important map that ends up leading to sadams bunkers with the bullion he stole from Kuwait meanwhile they take the map back to their tent and chief comes with aerial maps of the designated area in Iraq which were the map was drawn of. They are interrupted by Archie looking for the map and an offer to make to the guys. So he proposes that they go and find this gold and mentions that they won’t have to go back to their day jobs. So they leave the next morning to a small village outside of Karbala. They make one two though the bunker inside the city and find the gold. The Iraqi soldiers help them put the gold in a van they stole from a villager. They leave with the gold and some villagers. As they leave, the Iraqi soldiers fire tear gas mortars at them causing them to wreck and troy is captured but the others were saved.

So Archie makes a deal with the rebels to go find troy.

After going through a small battle they find Troy in an Iraqi bunker being tortured. After they come out of the bunker Conrad is shot and killed. They now try to get the rebels across the Kuwait border but the Iraqis would’ve let em but the U.S. military came to the rescue.

Character Analysis

Chief has a good symbol that being religion. This is shown directly and indirectly a couple of times its shown for example, its shown directly when he’s praying at shrine and then its shown indirectly when him and Barlow are looking at the map and when he dose the sign of the cross.


The music in this movie emphasizes on the culture and the surrounding actions for example, when they are parting at the beginning they play the music in our culture, the when they walk to the town where they get the cars a song

Is playing in an Arab language, when there are action/battles they play a suspense type of music.


The key symbol in this movie is the map because it makes them think that stealing the gold can’t be that hard. Because the map made the bunkers look like they were away from anti-ally troops. But as they leave the bunker with the gold, the republican guard fired mortars with tear gas at them. So the map didn’t make them think about the bad stuff that could and did happen.


Things aren’t as easy as they seem. When you steal gold there is going to be some pist off people and think they didn’t realize that those soldiers were going to be killed because they let American soldiers steal saddams gold.


I really like this movie because first of all it starts of with Kevin shooting an Iraqi in the neck. But I also liked how David O. Russell made them mortal. I hate when the good guys never get shot or killed so by doing this Three Kings is pretty realistic. He also makes a serious time “being that it is a war their fighting” comical. He made a great decision putting Conrad’s character in the movie. There is nothing better then having a white trash high school drop out joining the army and has no clue what the hell is going on. I also like what he did with the camera work especially when troy got shot he made a first person point of view shot, made it a little blurry, and he muffled the sound . It really added suspense because I wasn’t sure if he was going to die or not. I really want to watch some more David O. Russell films.

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