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The University of Florida

The University of Florida was established in 106. In 185 the state had funded the East Florida Seminary and took over the Kingsbury Academy in Ocala. They then moved the Seminary to Gainesville in the 1860’s. It was later consolidated with the state’s land grant, Florida Agricultural College then they moved it to Lake city. Then in 105 by the legislative actions they took the college had became a university. That is when it changed to the University of Florida. The classes had started out with around 10 students on the campus on September 6, 106. The University had finally opened its doors to the women in 147. So up to that date the college had been strictly boy men. With more than 46,000 students now, UF is one of the top five largest Universities in the nation.

In the year of 001 the enrollment list counted up to 46,515 students. That count included 40,4 in-state students that strolled in for all around in Florida. There were ,700 international students representing 100 different countries. There were the other remaining students coming in from the other 4 states. The ratio between the women and men was 548. About 7 percent of the enrolled students were undergraduates. 1 percent were graduates and the other 7 percent were in professional degree programs. Those programs had included (dentistry, law, medicine, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine.) 7. percent of the student population is African American students, .6 is Hispanic student and about 6.8 percent is Asian/American or Pacific Islander students.In 11, Hitler moved to Munich, and when the war began volunteered in a Bavarian regiment, earning the rank of Corporal and awarded the Iron Cross.

After the war, Hitler was a member of the Freikorps, and in 11 joined the German Workers party that would become the NSDAP or Nazi party.

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In 1, Hitler with Ernst Roehm who had formed the paramilitary SA brownshirts in the Nazi Party, sought to take over the Bavaria government in the Beer Hall Putsch of Nov. 8-, but failed and Hitler served months in prison where he wrote Mein Kampf (My Struggle dictated to Rudolph Hess) that emphasized antisemitism and the expansion of German living space.

In 15, Hitler seized leadership of a reorganized and newly-legalized National Socialist German Workers Party.

In 1 Hitler led a political campaign against the Young Plan of reparations payments.

In the May 5 elections of 1, Hindenburg defeated Hitler 5% to 7% for the presidency, but there was no majority in the Reichstag for any party; in the July1 elections the Nazis won 0 seats with 7% of the vote and became the largest German party, but dropped to % in the Nov. 6 elections; Dec. 1, Kurt von Schleicher replaced Franz von Papen as Chancellor but instability increased.

Hitler made Chancellor Jan. 0, 1, with the help of von Papen, and sought revision of Versailles system by immediately beginning a rearmament program with the support of industrialists such as Alfred Hugenberg and Gustav Krupp (who by April agreed to remove Jewish workers from his factories), and a public works program announced at the Feb. 11 International Automobile and Motor-Cycle Exhibition in Berlin, to build autobahns with 600,000 workers and make a Volksauto for less than 1000 marks.

In the March 5, 1 elections, the National Socialist German Workers Party won 4.% and 88 of 647 seats in the Reichstag. The Malicious Practices Act of March 1, 1, began the mass arrests of communists and socialists, the Dauchau concentration camp was set up March in a former powder milk plant, the Enabling Act March made Hitler dictator and eliminated other parties such as the pro-Catholic Zentrum, radical books were burned May 10.

On Sept. 7, 1, the Nazis blamed communists for the Reichstag fire.

On Oct. 14, 1 - Hitler withdrew from the League of Nations and the Geneva Disarmament conference.

On Jan. 6, 14, Hitler revealed to a shocked Europe a 10-year nonaggression pact with Poland.

On June 0, 14, the Night of the Long Knives, Hitler murdered Ernst Rohm and began to eliminate the SA, replacing the old Nazi party brownshirts with Heinrich Himmlers SS and Reinhard Heydrichs SD as state internal security forces.

On August , 14, Hindenburg died and Hitler became Supreme Commander of the armed forces.

On March 1, 15, the Saarland was officially reincorporated into Germany following the plebiscite vote Jan. 1 of 1% in favor.

In March 15 Hitler revealed to Europe his military programs, on Mar. 10 Goering announced the existence of the Luftwaffe, on March 16 Hitler announced conscription and a 6-division Wehrmacht, on March 17 proclaimed Heroes Memorial Day as the Beethoven Funeral March was played in the Berlin State Opera House.

On April 11, 15, England, France, Italy declared a Stresa Front to defend the boundary agreements of the Locarno Pact of 15, but was toothless.

On May , 15, a Franco-Russian alliance was signed to defend against a resurgent Germany.

On June 18, 15, the new British government led by recently-elected PM Stanly Baldwin and Foreign Minister Samuel Hoare, preferring negotiation rather than confrontation, signed the Anglo-German Naval Agreement to allow the German navy parity at 5% of British navy.

On Sept. 10, 15, the annual Nazi party rally began at Nuremberg, featuring the first public display of the Wehrmacht, the announcement of the Flag Law replacing the Kaisers black-red-white horizontal striped flag with the swastika as the nations official symbol, and the announcement of the antisemitic Nuremberg Laws.

On March 7, 16, the first German troops crossed the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne as Hitler was addressing the Reichstag, and began reoccupation of Rhineland, marking according to Ian Kershaw, the transition in Hitler from Hubris to Nemesis.

Ethiopia invaded by Mussolini

Mussolini 16

Hailie Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopiafrom ILN 141/0/01

Mussolini and League cartoonfrom Fortune, 16



Ethiopia map 14 - bg

Italy map from ILN 140/06/15

Europe map 10- - bg

Mediterranean from ILN 141/04/1 - b - top - bott

map of The Levant Battleground of the Empire Today from ILN 140/11/16 - LS - bg

Italy lost its Ethiopia colony in Africa at 186 Battle of Adua

· one of the worst colonial disasters of modern history

· 5,000 Italians defeated by 100,000 Ethiopians under Menelek who had accepted an Italian protectorate in 188 Treaty of Ucciali to become king.

On Dec. 5, 14, a skirmish at Wal Wal (Ualval) involving an Italian garrison 80 miles inside the Ethiopian border was used by Mussolini as a pretext for demanding compensation and preparing for war.

Jan. , 15 - Hailie Selassie appeals to League

· Mike Cutris Hailie Selassie and Boom Shakas Selassie archive

Jan. 7 - Laval agreement with Mussolini - gives him Ethiopia in violation of 106 Anglo-French agreement excluding Italy from Ethiopia

Feb. - Italy sends large forces to Ethiopia - only mild protest by Stresa Front

June - Anthony Eden, British minister for League Affairs

· tries to negotiate with Mussolini but fails

Oct. , 15, Mussolini ordered the bombing of Adowa by planes and the beginning of the invasion of Ethiopia by Marshal Badoglio Oct. who was authorized to use poison mustard gas and destroy civilian villages.

Oct. 5 - FDR invoked Act in Ethiopian conflict, but followed middle-road course

· kept separate from League - no strategic materials or oil on embargo list

· urged moral embargo on all trade with Italy, but U.S. exports to Italy increased

Oct. 7 - League declaredItaly the aggressor

Nov. 14 - Tories won Brit election on platform of League sanctions against Ital. aggression

Nov. 18 - Leagues sanctions begin

· arms embargo, financial embargo, nonimportation of Ital. goods

Dec. 10 - secret Hoare-Laval agreement revealed in press

· Pierre Laval - swarthy French PM

· Samuel Hoare - Brit foreign secy under PM Stanley Baldwin

· (Anthony Eden became foreign secy in 17 with PM Neville Chamberlain)

Dec. - England concentrated navy at Alexadria - but poorly prepared

· England allowedItaly to use Suez Canal

Feb. 16 - League could not agree on critical oil sanctions

· mainly because FDR refused - U.S. controlled 50% world oil trade

Feb. 1 - Senate For. Rel. Comm. approved Thomas 14-month extension bill

· not Pittman-McReynolds discretionary bill

· not Nye-Clark-Maverick mandatory total trade restriction bill

Feb. - FDR signed Thomas bill - the 16 Neutrality Act

1. mandatory arms embargo with belligerents and new belligerents entering a war in progress

. discretionary travel restriction

. mandatory ban on loans to belligerents but short-term credits exempt

4. American Republics exempt

Mar. -Apr. 8 - FDR went on Bahama cruise

May 5 - Italy occupied Addis Ababa - annexed all Ethiopia May

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