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two opinions of death

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Two Opinions Of Death

Death is a subject which plagues everyone’s mind sometime in their life. It puzzles many, due to the fact that no one is really positive weather or not there is a paradise to look forward to such as heaven or merely just vacant blackness. There is an abundance of people who share different views on this subject. Some fear it because they desire to retain their mortality while others merely look forward to it, or just don’t feel interest one way or another because their life hasn’t been appealing to them. Death has been the subject of many authors, who distribute their opinions on the subject through their ability to write literature. John Donne, through the devices of his poem “Death Be Not Proud” and the translated short story by Robin Lamb, “The Death Of Ivan Illych” by author Leo Tolstoy, both elaborate on two diverse opinions of death.

In “Death Not Be Proud” By John Donne, The speaker views death as if it’s just a mere joke that should be laughed at instead of feared, as he writes with a sarcastic and dismissive tone. He even states that “Death, be not proud, through some have called thee might and dreadful, for thou art not so.” Meaning that death isn’t anything to dread. He compares death to being superior to sleep, which can be given to us through the use of special drugs. “ And poppy or charms can make us sleep as well.” His foremost reason for presenting such bold fearlessness is because he looks forward to an after life. He believes that when someone dies, the only fixation remaining is just a pathetic shall and that the main element of someone, their soul, is released to live on. He realizes that everybody has to die sometime, its part of the human life cycle that cannot be escaped. In his eyes death should not frighten anyone for it is only a split second, and then the individual is free for all eternity. The soul cannot die. Its ironic how the poem’s speaker talks about death bringing on eternal life. He even personifies death by saying that it creeps up on people, almost as is stating that death is scum.

Leo Tolstoy’s short story, “ The Death of Ivan Illych” shares a uniquely different tone and explanation then Donne. Tolstoy’s short story has more of a feeling of despair and denial in his piece of literature. The speaker scorns death while Illych shows fear towards it. Illych is dying and can’t seem to except the fact that everyone has to die sometime. Ivan reviews the major events in his life and can’t believe that all that would simply disappear. “ How could all those thoughts and emotions and experiences, all that he was, all that he had been or would be, simply disappear? Impossible!” Simile is used when the author explains that thinking of death was like thinking of a nagging toothache or that it was like a murderer. The speaker apparently doesn’t have much faith that he is going to live on like Donne. He is unsure and therefore, frightened.

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Death amazingly is one subject that leaves a person puzzled and intrigued. Many people such as poets and writers try to fill the average day Joe with a feeling of a sense of understanding. Everyone is going to die, that cannot be stopped. People find comfort in faith while others can’t bear the thought. It must be forgotten though, if everyone worried about death, no one would live. People need to live with a sense of freedom in order to keep the world alive. Death is merely part of life.

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