Friday, December 9, 2011


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theres a little bit of you in all of my days

the haunting of the melody in your eyes

hit my heart like an unsinkable weight

his blood lives upstairs a younger sweeter taste

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ripe for the picking

but my heart is not strong enough to bear

the failure it contends with daily

too sentimental for its own good

punishment for a previous lifes faults?


the memories fade but the heart remains steadfast

a modern madame butterfly

wishing well toss a thousand coins to pray for a second chance

connections from all sides friends acquantances all have

their stories, versions of you, visions amass from fantasies

unrealities replacing the lost souls that could entwine this lifetime and many thereafter

oh i really could go on and on and on and on

wondering why this is so retarded of me

its just that i have the obsessive compulsive thing

with this one and ive got to keep on rambling

sing my song go round the world all night long

do do do do a ramblin

my baby my baby

you shook me all night long and ill never forget it yo

why cant i get it right its like i talk and think and rethink it all too damn much

i really dont know what im doing most of the time its unconscious for my stupidity is like the ocean of change i keep growing but my mistakes stay the same i need to fix it

give me just one fix, just one fix one fix


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