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Broken Lives

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“Circumstantial Evidence” (Broken Lives)

Pages 81-0

What Happens?

· Title Circumstantial -- containing or based on facts that allow a court to deduce that somebody is guilty without conclusive proof.

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Evidence -- the objects or information used to prove or suggest the guilt of somebody accused of a crime.

· Case reports It includes some case reports about the trial and statements made by the people involved in the court. (Refer to Pg.

· Structure of this chapter is “beginning-middle-end”. It begins with the trial and finishes with John Button being sentenced.

· Summary This chapter is on John Button’s trial. First the prosecutor explains why the charge is willful murder and not manslaughter. The point about the damage to John’s car follows this, which is believed to have resulted by the impact of hitting Rosemary. Several witnesses are then called to back up the prosecutor’s statement. After this John Buttons is called to the witness stand for the voir dire. He denies running down Rosemary and announces his second confession being false. The detectives were unfriendly to him. However, Mr. Deering denies being unfriendly. After a few days, the trial comes to an end. John Button is found guilty under the crime of manslaughter and is sentenced to 10 years hard labour.

Who is Involved?

· John Button � A 1-years-old young lad who was Rosemary’s boyfriend. He is accused for hitting Rosemary’s with his Simca.

· Mr. Hatfield � John Button’s lawyer.

· Mr. Kakulas, the jury, Wilson (the prosecutor), witnesses and the Crown.

· The judge (His Honour) � Mr. Justice Oscar Joseph Negus (about to turn 61).

· Mr. Deering and Wiley � detectives that questioned John Button.

· Jimmy � John Button’s little brother.

What do we learn?

· The court has made a mistake by deciding that John Button is guilty.

· There is a lot of evidence which can be used for John’s defense but were not known by the judge at the time.

Shape reader response and Present her attitudes

· Her attitude is clearly that the justice system did him wrong.

· Techniques are used to persuade the reader to adopt Estelle Blackburns point of view. Such as the rhetorical devices, evidence, case reports, statements by witnesses are used to create factual and influential information.

· These techniques with the colloquial language add to credibility, which makes her attitude more believable and adoptable.

· Also makes the argument grab the interest of the reader, which adds to the reader easily adopting the same attitude as Estelle Blackburn.

· We are presented with John Button’s confession more than other. More his point of view and his feelings throughout the trial.

· We are encouraged to believe the detectives are lying- they are not shown in a positive light

· “I am telling you that lad is innocent” pg 0. Hathfield being an experienced lawyer and father figure makes the reader agree with him.

Develop the main argument

· To prove he is not guilty by pointing out the evidence to support his innocence

· Makes reader feel sympathy towards John Button throughout the case.

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