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Royal Chitwan National Park

Nepal is located in the Asian. This country borders with the

Tibet Region of People’s Republic of China in the north and India in the

east, south and west. Nepal has a wide range of altitudes, varying from

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70 meters above sea level to 8848 meters about sea level. This variance

shows the vast range between the low-lying areas that are home to the

Nepali villages to the peak of Mount Everest. The national language of

Nepal is Napli. The natives to the area with higher education speak

English. There are two distinct groups of people the Indo-Aryans and the


Nepal is one of the least developed and poorest country in the world.

Approximately eighty percent of the population rely on agriculture as their

mainstay income. Nepal has been listed as being in need of industry to

help alleviate the poor economy, as the land is being over used and

damaged. Nepal has eight of the ten highest mountain peaks ,

including Mount Everest, and is the birthplace of Buddha. The tourist

income is not enough to change or strengthen the economy. While

doing research on Nepal, I came across information on the wildlife and all

the endangered species calling Nepal home. Nepal has a large well

defined wildlife conservation, the Royal Chitwan National Park

The Royal Chitwan National Park which stand today as proof of nature

conservation in Nepal. This is the first National Park of Nepal established in

17 to preserve a unique eco system . The park covers the protected

area of square kilometers in the Terai lowlands of southern central part

of Nepal. The Park gained recognition in the world when it was included

on the list of World Heritage Site in 184. Only a very small part of the

national park is used for tourism. The majority of the land, particularly in the

hills, remains untouched. This is ideal for wildlife, and also preserves an

degree of secrecy for humans; because large areas are still unexplored.

The knowledge of what birds and animals in the park is by no

means complete , and there is always the possibility of making new

discoveries. In 177 numerous additions and improvements were

made to the park. Parsa Wildlife Reserve was established in 184 and is

safeguarded by the same laws and sanctions that cover Chitwan

National Park. This landmark is adjacent to Chitwan.

Chitwan National Park and the adjacent Parsa Wildlife reserve are the

largest and the least disturbed example of sal forrest and other

communities in the Teria. A long and strong history of protection for the

Chitwan National Park dates back to the 1800’s. Documentation and

many documentaries have been done on the diverse and dynamics of

Chitwan National Park. There is a large number of visitors to the park for

many reasons the background of the Himalayas, the natural beauty of

the land, the natural history and of course the numerous animals that call

Chitwan National Park home.

Chitwan is noted for is diverse collection of mammals and birds.

There are more than forty-three species of mammals, over 450 species of

birds, and more than forty-five species of amphibians and reptiles in the

park. Chitwan is also documented as having the second largest number

of Indian rhinoceros in the world. The Chitwan’s tall grasslands and

riverine forests are an important refuge for both tiger and gharial

crocodile. This park also houses many other endangered species such as

pythons, four-horned antelope, Gangetic dolphin and striped hyenas.

While Chitwan National Park and the associated Parsa Wildlife

Preserve are closely watched, regulated and sanctioned by the

government, the park is not without local conflicts. The residents of the

area criticize the park. The areas that seems to cause these complaints

include loss of life (residents killed by Chitwan wildlife), loss of livestock to

Chitwan wildlife, damage to crops and reduced access and increased

restrictions to the park’s resources. These resources include hunting,

fishing , grazing, collection of fuelwood and other natural products used

for food and medication. These issues are noted more as the population

of both animal and human increase. The park staff and management

address these concerns and do work with the locals to try and

work out a solution. Where animals and humans live so closely and freely

there will always be dangers but these are minimized as much as possible

by the staff of Chitwan. The locals do begrudge the park at times but

seem to tolerate the park and the animals due to the importance and the

rarity of the park.

Chitwan National Park brings in tourists year around helping the

economy of the area. There are many small lodges and restaurants that

are close to the park where the visitors stay. The park also has

lodging available within the complex. The park employs many

locals in the area as groundskeepers, clerical, feeding, guide staff and

other positions important to keep the park running smoothly. One lodge

holds a yearly elephant polo tournament , thought to be the only one of

its kind.

Chitwan National Park is one of the few wildlife reserves where tourists

and researchers are able to take guided tours of the wildlife not confined.

Chitwan National Park is not a zoo; the animals are wild and free.

Chitwan is a conservation area for both animal and natural resources;

making this park very important not only to Nepal but to the world. In

the park researchers, animal lovers and tourists alike are able to study

and observe endangered species in their natural habitat and learn to

respect and preserve wildlife.

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