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Each day consumers are tricked into buying items of use, which in many cases are not even wanted or needed. The reason behind this is a simple aspect of people’s lives which companies take into grasp when releasing products into the market place. The last time you went to the shops, there was probably at least one item which you bought or wanted, simply for the fact that it had a nice brand, a famous person owns one or because you saw the add on TV. You probably didn’t even need this item, but the reason you wanted to buy it was because of a well known crafty trait known we now know as CONSUMERISM.

The main consumer trap exists most likely in everyone’s house. The TV has had such an influence on people that you are more likely to think you need something just by watching the commercial, than actually going up to the shops and purchasing an item that you actually do need.

Companies often rely upon eye catching schemes in order to sell their products. Brand names are always the main defect in this situation. When a consumer goes to purchase an item, you will find that they treat the brand name as some form of superior higher power. They may not even want this item but once the word ‘Sony’ is slapped on the side, there’s no way of escaping it. To many people the brand name stands out like a Leather lounge in a garbage tip.

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This can go as far as food. Instead of the old fashioned way of going up to the ‘shop’ to buy a packet of ‘chocolate biscuits’ and a bag of ‘chips’, you’ll now find that people will go up to ‘Woolworths’ to buy a pack of ‘Arnott’s Tim tams’ and a bag of ‘Samboys’. Brand names have taken such influence on people’s lives that tension can be caused between genre’s of people who are brand orientated, such as that of the surfie wearing his ‘Ripcurl’ boardies compared to the homeboy wearing his ‘Nike’ Tracksuit. It’s as if people are not only looking for brands to impress each other with, but it’s as if they are a brand themselves. However, this can work on a two way basis and you’ll often find that people are brought together through same interests of certain brands or sport teams through to sharing each others views on their favorite Sitcom.

Many of these issues would not occur in society if it were not for America’s influence on other countries. The image portrayed that America’s status compared to the rest of society, is at the top, influences other country‘s to reproduce this image. The image portrayed from America through Movies, and Television gives the audience a mental image that in order to be ‘cool’ we have to live through life in this fashion. This has grown to a degree that it is as if America were a mother to all the other countries of the world. Being the child we are allowed to play with ‘Mummy’s things’ but only under her watchful eye. The fact that we cannot escape America’s ways is leading us to reproduce another culture and slowly but surely, our identity will slowly diminish. Through their use of terminology and even adopting some of their spelling our civilization is slowly changing.

However, you can not blame a whole nation for the changing of another. It is often an individual that draws you into wanting something or wanting to imitate that of another nature.

In fact, some people do a good job of this. They are able to manipulate the truth in a certain fashion as to not tell a lie but just to bend the truth enough that it will appeal to your senses. You encounter this nearly every time the TV turns itself on and goes to a commercial break. Although you know your toaster works fine, the image of perfect golden toast popping from the top of the Sunbeam toaster on the screen is just too good to be true. And what next, it comes with a free set of steak knives. How can you possibly resist! These ‘trumpeters of nothingness’ will brag on and on about such a little minority such as a toaster no one wants, but they can make out as if it is a life necessity.

These sales-people are able ‘to make the gilt seem gold; the shoddy, silk’. They are able to make such a good profession of their job that it’s as if they ‘cheat us legally’ for ‘the law’s not broken, only bent’. They are able to hammer the fact they’re selling an item into our head by using an ongoing ‘drip drip drip, which makes even granite soften’. And using the ‘brands we’ve heard so often’, eventually converts the mind into thinking that by gaining access to this product our lives will change around. So what do we do? We go off to purchase this item making us another sheep in the world of consumers.

Although, once having purchased an item, why did we need it???

The most common reason consumers purchase items of different brand or size it to set themselves in a class in society.

Why does anyone possibly need a rear projection, .4 meter, surround sound, LCD screen, state of the art Sony Television for their family room with built in thermostat and offside ensuite. Is it so they can bask in the sunlight streaming through they’re beveled edged windows with a cool breeze flowing from their three phase reverse cycle air conditioner while relaxing in their massage chair. By using these items do they really think that people of a lower social status will look up to them and reward them with pride and honour. This reputation of wanting to be better than the neighbour is one of the many reasons why people go to David Jones or Harrod’s. It makes them feel more important in society and they feel as if they will have a better morale. ‘What I mean is’, some people just ramble on getting as much as they can to make themselves look important, that they don’t know what they mean at all. They talk themselves up so much and purchase items to show off, and they go on for so long that they don’t’ even know why they’re doing it any more. It’s as if appearance is everything. Their pet ‘dog’s in the specially-built palaces with their own swimming pools’ shows the ridiculous extremes that some will go to in order to maintain a certain status in our society.

As you can see consumerism has leeched itself into nearly every aspect of our lives. Consumerism can have strange effects on us as consumers, so just try not to be fooled by the glossy coating. Next time you go to shops and pick up an item, stop and think for a minute. Do you really need this item or HAVE YOU BEEN DUPED

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