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Differences between Sparta and Athens / Egypt Reiligeon

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Both cities, had similar governments, but each had a different way of life, each with its own attributes. Sparta was similar to other Greek cities, and art and poetry, particularly choral lyrics flourished, from the 6th century BC on the Spartans, were uptight, and concentrated mostly upon there battlements, no deformed children survived. Sparta had all children that were the age of seven to be trained, and when reached 0, were able to enter war, but also were able to marry. They would have to stay at the barracks, until the age of 0. All Spartans from the age of 0-60 were permitted to serve as hoplites. In 41 BC, war broke out between Sparta, and Athens, and by in 404 BC IT became the dominant of Greek cities leaving Athens in Spartans hands. Sparta was pushed back to its original territory and in 6 AD was destroyed by Goths under king Alaric I.

Athens dominates the economic, cultural, and political life of Greece. Athens, was more civilised, and not focused on the whole War life idea, they also had a democracy like Sparta, but was different. Unlike the Spartans, the Athenians, liked entertainment that was produced in the Dionysus. The city itself with its democratic constitution and brilliant way of life became an attraction. At its peak, the population was approximately 00,000 people, which 50,000 were males, and full citizens, and the rest women, slaves, and foreigners. After its clash with Sparta, the city began to decline. Nevertheless, philosopher’s schools were founded, and rhetoric was made.

Religion was an important role, since the King promises life after death, and those who followed, would have it. The Pharaoh was central to life in Egypt. The Pharaoh settled legal disputes and led in religious rituals, which sustained Egypt. The Pharaoh was not only a god-king, but was responsible for the balance of Ma’at (truth, law and universal order). As long as the Pharaoh worshiped, and followed the laws that the Gods set, everything would not turn to chaos. If he failed, the world would be obliterated. Pharaohs wear things that symbolise their power, the symbols of the Gods were the power of the Pharaohs.

The Crook to reward the innocent and the Flail, to punish the guilty. The dual crown shows the authority or leadership over both of the Kingdoms, and the Eye of Ra, seeing what the Pharaoh did, good or evil. At a Pharaohs coronation, a spirit called Horus (the living Pharaoh, light, the sun) entered his body and is believed to guide the Pharaoh along the path of Ma’at. Then when he died his spirit was merged with Osiris from where he could guide his successors. The King and the Priests also supported each other, reassuring that they are loyal to the Gods, and still were divine and superior, if anything went wrong they would not be slaughtered. As the Pharaoh was divine, he also had control over the religion, and led important religious rites, and services. This was only done to reinforce his position. The King’s national strength came from the support of the gods and as long as this was maintained no ill could befall the country.

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