Thursday, December 29, 2011

Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence includes

1. Physical abuse (punching, kicking, hitting, choking, weapons)

. Psychological, emotional and verbal abuse (threats and insults)

. Sexual assault and abuse (force sexual activity)

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4. Financial or economical abuse (no access to or control of money)

5. Social abuse (not allowed to see family friends, stalking)

The abuse from domestic violence is a pattern of behaviour that one person uses against another to intimidate, dominate and control them. Fear and undermining of self esteem are usually the start followed by assaults; which the victim then believes they either deserve, or, cannot change.

Domestic violence is a crime which primarily effects women and children. This form of violence has no social, age, religious or sexual barriers. Adult victims have legal and welfare support available. However, children caught in the middle can suffer emotionally and physically with the trauma of seeing their parent abused and living in fear in what may happen.

The moral issues involved with domestic violence include unlawful physical assault, mistrust, jealousy and anger to control people.

Humiliation and threats to hurt people. Threats and pressure to impact on peoples liberty.

Domestic violence is not just an outburst of anger � it is managed and controlled and targeted only against their victim. Domestic violence is about power and control.

The Catholic Church condemns relationships involving violence - whether it be real or threatened. Domestic violence removes the persons basic dignity and any caring for the welfare of others. The fact it is a crime and breaks Gods commandments makes domestic violence morally wrong.

Domestic violence opposes Catholic morality as it removes Gods gift of love, life choices, freedom, attitude and lifestyle from a relationship.

Domestic violence removes love from a relationship and it can be summerised in an excerpt from ‘Don’t Bash the Loving Out of Me’ by Maurine Watson.

You cry to me after, and swear you’ll change, and you beg me not to leave you,

But it builds up and I go through it again,

So how can I believe you?

I turn away from the fear in my babies eyes,

That everyone but you can see,

You kill a child’s pride in their daddy,

And bash the loving out of me.

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