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Going Home

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TOPIC The stories in “Going Home” are painful because there is only despair and no chance of real happiness”. Discuss.

I agree that in “Going Home” the stories are painful because they are full of despair. Because the aborigines are not treated with respect or equality and do not get the same opportunities that white people get. But I think there is still a chance of happiness for the Nyoongahs. Throughout “Going Home”, the white people treat the aboriginals with disrespect.

I agree that the stories in “Going Home” are painful because the aboriginals are treated like dirt and have racist comments thrown at them as if they are considered lesser human beings. The stories also show painful ways that the aboriginals are treated. In “Going Home”, Billy Woodward and Darcy go to the pub to buy some alcohol to celebrate Billy’s 18th birthday, and the barmen takes as long as possible to serve them and then the barmen is racist towards them, “You can piss off, too, before I call the cops. They’ll cool you down, you smart black bastard”. As soon as Billy comes back home he is not welcomed by his mother, which creates an uncomfortable atmosphere and hurts Billy. As soon as Billy comes back home the police automatically falsely accuse him of committing crimes he did commit, and is called racist names, “I want to know, black prick. I want to know everything about you”.

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In “The Boxer”, the police arrested Clayton’s dad, claiming that Jack had committed crimes, which he had not actually committed, because he was an aboriginal and they had no respect for him. Which shows that aboriginals are disadvantaged because of their skin colour and don’t get a fair chance. Also Clayton’s dad is sentenced to jail because the judge could not be bothered wasting his own time for Jack to prove himself not guilty, “an impatient magistrate was not prepared to allow an adjournment. After all, everyone knew Aborigines were liars as well as thieves. Which shows that once again aboriginals in this story are not treated equally and all aborigines are stereotyped and therefore experience a painful life.

In “Going Home” it shows examples of despair, of how the Nyoongahs and aboriginals wish they were white so that they didn’t have to have such a painful life and so they could live without worries of racism and without being treated unequally.

I do not believe that the aboriginals in “Going Home” have no chance of real happiness. In “Johnny Blue” even though Johnny died, Jesse was always full of happiness because he had a friend who was white and treated him as good as he treated white people. Also Johnny stuck up for Jesse when the principal was unfair towards him and belted him.

In “Cooley” There is another example of how there is chance of happiness for the aborigines, Cooley meets a girls who he eventually makes love with and she becomes his girlfriend. This girls name is Rachel; she makes Cooley very happy which shows that there is chance for happiness. “They had talked and made love and talked some more. So today he was relaxed and happy”.

I agree that the stories in “Going Home” are painful because they are full of despair, because of racism and Aborigines treated unequally. The majority of characters in this book mention the desperation of being white and how good it would be to be white which also causes pain upon them because they know that whatever they do will not change the fact that not everyone will treat them as they would like to be treated.

I also do not agree to the statement that there is little or no chance of happiness for the aborigines, as I have shown there are examples of aborigines finding happiness throughout the book.

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