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The Hidden Truths on America

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That proud, tall-standing nation with the will to make the world a better and safer place � always endeavouring to put others above themselves. Wait a minute; maybe that’s just what we see in the media, one of the many things that America subtly controls in the world.

The Bush Administration’s latest positive influence into the world is the war on Iraq. They moved in troops without UN approval and only a few countries backing. They claim the reasons for this war are to disarm Iraq from any chemical weapons that could be used on “the western world” or “the free countries”.

They have found no weapons of mass destruction; they have killed many civilians, destroyed whole villages, and left people hungry as they carry on trying to hunt out Saddam Hussein. All in a days work for the world’s most powerful nation.

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You may remember near the start Operation Iraqi Liberation; also know as Operation “OIL”. The Iraqi soldiers were parading some American captives around and showing them on Iraqi TV. This caused an out roar from the American government.

They claimed that Iraq was breeching the Geneva Convention by displaying the enemy’s soldiers in a degrading, shameful way. Hardly degrading I say when they are alive and well.

Then America returns the favour � even after their disgust in Iraqi TV. About a week ago American troops took out Hussein’s sons in a long stand-off. Afterwards they decided that it would be a good idea for them to display post-mortem photos of the sons � supposedly just to put the Iraqi people at a little ease.

These photos displayed the dead naked men in a degrading, shameful way with large gashes and dried blood all over their bodies. They have let the media through the makeshift morgue tents so that they can display these pictures worldwide, on TV, in Newspapers and on the Internet.

If this isn’t breaking the Geneva Convention then I don’t know what would. Surely this is just American propaganda letting us know that they are in control and are winning this war.

Maybe this thirst for war comes from home where violence, killing’s and bashing are an everyday thing � guaranteed to be shown that night on the news, just to fuel the levels of frightened American’s. Homicide is an issue that is sadly overlooked in America.

On average each year in Germany 81 people are killed by guns, France 55, Canada 165, UK 68, Australia 65, Japan .

In the United States of America 11, 17 people are killed by guns alone.

Surely this would cause the government to take some hard looks at where its nation is going but Bush has other things to worry about. Like his military budget increase of 48 billion dollars � which is larger than every other countries entire military budget combined. This brings their military budget to 6 billion dollars.

They need that money to control and tear up other countries. Couldn’t it be better spent on the million Americans living in poverty? Or maybe even the upgrading of schools, to upgrade every school in America it would cost 11 million dollars which is nothing compared to the military budget.

The media is influenced greatly by the United States. Even the BBC, which stands for the British Broadcasting Company seem to take American news as preference over anyone else. It’s like they are the centre of the Universe. One thing that sticks in my mind quite vividly was earlier this year when there was a whooping cough scare in America.

I was channel surfing on sky when I came to the BBC channel and heard the news presenter say “In America today there was a suspected case of whooping cough. Schools have been closed in the area surrounding and medical teams are investigating.” While all of this was going on there was a banner scrolling along the bottom of the screen with the heading

Other News. After this heading were the words Approximately 40 people killed in a suicide bombing in Israel. For some reason the whooping cough scare, they weren’t even sure it was whooping cough and no one had died, this took preference over the 40 people killed outside of America.

America also isn’t helped by its shameful past, which is often tried to be covered up.

In 16, the United States backed the assassination of South Vietnamese President Diem, and then from 16 to 175 American soldiers killed four million civilians all over Southeast Asia.

In 17, the United States staged a coup in Chile, prompting the assassination of democratically-elected President Salvador Allende.

The death of 5,000 Chileans soon followed as Dictator Agusto Pinochet was installed.

During the 180’s the CIA trained bin Laden along with several other terrorists, in order to get them to kill the Soviets who were trying to invade Afghanistan. Subsequently, the CIA gave them $ billion to make sure they could get the job done.

The Reagan administration trained and funded so-called contras.

As a result, 0,000 Nicaraguans died. On the heels of that genius decision, the United States provided Saddam Hussein, yes the very same Hussein that they are now trying to kill, with billions of dollars in aid so that he could buy weapons and murder Iranians.

The year following America’s “aid” to Hussein, in 18, the White House then provided Iranians with weapons so that they could kill the Iraqis.

In fact, the very bullets that were used to shoot innocent kids at Columbine were purchased at their local K-Mart.

I’m not trying to change you opinion on America. I just want you to realize some of the hypocritical, disgusting things that the worlds most powerful nation does. So next time you read about some wonderful thing that America is doing you should read the facts carefully and decide for yourself whether it is good, not let America dictate it to you.

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