Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Hours

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The Hours, adapted from Michael Cunningham’s award-winning novel, was the story of three women searching for more potent, meaningful lives. Each was alive at a different time and place; all were linked by their yearnings and their fears. The main characters of this story were Virgina Woolf, who lived in a suburb of London in the early 10’s, and was battling insanity as she began to write her great novel, “Mrs. Dalloway”; Laura Brown, who was a wife and mother in Los Angeles at the end of World War II, who was reading “Mrs. Dalloway”, and finding it so revelatory that she began to consider making a devastating change in her life; Clarissa Vaughan, who was a contemporary version of Woolf’s Mrs. Dalloway, lived in New York City today, and was in love with her friend Richard, a brilliant poet who was dying of AIDS. Their stories intertwined, and finally come together in a surprising transcendent moment of shared recognition. It was a deeply moving and powerful film about hope, love, choices we make and exploring our existence.

I felt the author played down the reality of male characters in the story. The husband of Virgina Woolf was unaware of the deepest needs of his wife, but to give her the best things by setting up the printing factory in the country-side. Reilly, Laura Brown’s husband, thought life was idyllic and fond of telling her that during and after World War II and how he dreamed of the perfect wife and now he had her. Richard, who was weak and always reminded Clarissa when the first time he saw her at age 1 and she was perfection. It challenged me to think about the role of man as well as to be more aware towards the real needs of others who were closed to me.

The movie portrays a great deal of depressing subject matters of life and death, creation and destruction. Life and death was in the powerful hand of the writer, Virgina Woolf, as she decided the fate of her stories. The mood of her stories projected her persistent health problems and searched for the meaning of happiness in life. The struggle of the house wife, Laura Brown, in the simplest task of baking a cake for her husband’s birthday, and her desire to find some meaning to her life in taking care of her young son and doting her husband. The parallel life between Clarissa and Mrs. Dalloway portrayed in Clarissa’s emotion in giving herself in caring and planning for a party to celebrate for her best friend and former lover. These brought me to the awareness that life and death is a complex matter. Each of us is struggling to find the purpose and meaning of our life.

I enjoyed the movie, as I could relate the struggles of the characters with my personal Catholic faith. In fact, Jesus promised to give love, hope and peace to anyone who trusts in Him. He is the light of the world, who comforts the poor and lonely. For example Virgina Woolf learned the fragility of life from a small bird through her niece, who was dressed like an angel; Laura Brown changed her mind in taking her own life in the hotel room, as she recalled the life of her own children; Clarissa was consoled by her friend while preparing the party and the dramatic meeting with Richard’s mother towards the end of the movie; and Richard’s life was weak and lonely, but at the end he felt liberated and choose to life in the light, as the day of the party approached.

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The movie also portrayed the present problems with in our society

1. People with the terminal diseases are isolated from the society. In fact, these people are no difference with us, who feel the shamefulness, the longing for love and have right for the happiness of life. We should change our attitude of ignorance towards these people.

. The abortion, which is done freely in our world today. The fact that each fetus is a living being and has the right to live in this world, therefore we should not continue killing this innocent life.

It was a great movie to watch, as Stephen Daldry directed this movie, together with leading actresses like Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore. I appreciated the editing skills and Philip glass’s exquisite soundtrack with solo piano accompanied the movie. I think this movie is a piece of the cinema art, which is able to bring out the real feeling from each of the characters to the reality.

I really love this movie, as it is a deeply moving film about the struggles of life. It reflects on the present problems within our society, such as the family issues and people who is struggling with loneliness and terminal diseases. It gives me a conviction of my Catholic faith that Jesus is the source of love, hope and strength for the happiness of life. Life is full of struggles, but we are invited to persevere in our life journey with Him and others. At last, I feel this movie is a piece of cinema art.

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