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Ok, what do I do to make a difference? I do many things! Last summer I did an internship with the Casey Tress Endowment Fund. This program was a … I also do community service with my old elementary school’s cheerleading squad. I am a cheerleader and my first time ever cheering was with the same elementary school, so it feels really good to go back and help out. Most people don’t think cheerleading is a sport but it really is. It takes a lot of hard work and effort. Besides cheerleading being a sport, if anything it is a confident builder. The younger children in the community should have a lot of confidence while growing up especially if they’re not as fortunate like other kids that have dedicated parents. it is also something really fun to do after school. Most of the kids I work with on the cheerleading squad are unfortunate at home and don’t really have roll models that they can look up too. What I like to do is be that roll model for them. I call them my little sisters. By helping them become great cheerleaders and they will become great people, great students, and soon, they will also become great roll models.

I really want to tell you how I helped a freshman at my school.

Her name is Jessica Frank. She is a really intelligent, creative, and beautiful young lady. For some reason she was always getting picked on at school. I never really noticed her until one day during lunch I saw her in the restroom crying. As I washed my hands I thought about asking her what was wrong, but then I decided not to. When I walked out of the restroom it hit me “why not help her out and make a difference.” I went back and asked her what was wrong. At first she hesitated and said, “nothing, I’ll be ok.” I knew she wasn’t telling the full truth so I asked her again and then she started crying much heavier and gave a hug. She told me a was the first person in the school to have ever asked her “what was wrong.” after that day In the restroom, Jessica and I became very close. My friends would ask me why I befriended her and why I wanted anything to do with her. I would always tell my friends to do something nice for someone else other than them selves. I believe since becoming Jessica’s friend, that she has become a better and more confident person. She has made new friends, joined the student council, and has also become a cheerleader. She tells me all he time how nice of a person I am. It makes me feel GREAT! I always think to myself “Would Jessica be the person she is today if I didn’t stop to talk to her in the restroom?” I guess I made a difference.

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