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The Learning Tree Summary and Conclusion

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Upon the opening of this novel, we are suddenly immersed into the life of an adolescent, Newt Winger, as he struggles to understand and accept the bitter challenges of his world. Newt lives in Cherokee Flats, Kansas, during the

10’s. He lives in a time period that does not accept differences, even such as different color of skin.

The book is based around Newt, a African-American boy who is coming of age. Like most boys his age he sometimes engages in foolish and sometimes dangerous

behavior that gets him into trouble at times. Newt is not too overly compassionate or spiteful; instead he is portrayed as being only human. His problems as a teenager make him a more interesting character for people to

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relate to. His experiences are a harsh reminder to us living in a much better time. An African-American with high aspirations in an age when segregation ruled, Newt’s experiences with racism, love, and loss help him to develop into a mature individual. But Newt’s morality will be severely tested when he witnesses a murder and the wrong man is arrested. If Newt discloses the true killer, it could change his life and cause race trouble.

There are a number of stereotypes in this story. As Newt begins high school---an integrated one at that, we are told that the white students were friendlier then he had expected them to be. From this statement, we can see that Newt come to the realization that not every white person is out to “get” a member of a minority. This ties in with what a different author, Milton Kleg, makes clear in his text Hate, Prejudice, and Racism. He defines prejudice as “... readiness to act, stemming from a negative feeling, often predicated upon a fixed over-generalization or totally false belief and directed toward a group of individual members of that group.” Certainly Newt is guilty of this, but we see more stereotypical behavior in the actions of his guidance counselor, Miss McClinock. When Newt mentions that he wanted to go to college, she launches into a tirade about the very idea. She tells Newt “ ... ninety-nine percent of the Negro students don’t go to college. They aren’t college material ... The few who are-and lucky enough to get the money-usually wind up as cooks or porters

anyway.” Newt eventually tells his counselor that she is prejudiced. “You don’t like me or any of the rest of the colored kids ... you been tellin’ all the colored kids the same thing for years and years.” When the principal gets

involved, we find out that Miss McClinock had been instructed to say this. Apparently, past principals had passed those beliefs down to their staff. The principal assures Newt that it won’t happen again, yet, he also asks Newt to understand that Miss McClinock is somewhat a victim herself, having been eased into the wrong channel of thought whilst growing up.

Gordon Parks takes us into the life of Newt Winger, which is a sort of a memoir to his past childhood. He gives us a book of the black perspective. Parks has crafted a finely layered novel of living in a time before prior to integration and Civil Rights Movement. This book is sad, funny, and painfully true. It is a must for anyone who wants to understand the extent to which racism dehumanizes

and destroys; and for anyone who wants to understand the meaning of courage and unbreakable will of the human spirit. After reading this book it makes anyone more thankful that we live in a society that is so much more tolerant of differences. In addition it made me aware that we, as a society, must keep prejudice and racism at bay.

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