Friday, December 9, 2011

Mid-term Break Analysis

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Mid- Term Break

A poem which I have recently read is “Mid �term Break” by Seamus Heany. This poem told the story of someone’s death, which in turn made the poem very sad to read. The poet conveyed the sadness using various techniques.

The poem begins with the poet in the medical room of his boarding school, awaiting his neighbours to arrive to take him home. When he arrives home he sees his father is crying, this can only mean one thing, someone has died. There are also some friends and relatives in the house and he feels uncomfortable and a little embarrassed because grown men are shaking his hand. His mother has “cried all she can cry” and she takes his hand. The next day he looks at the body, near the end of the poem the poet reveals that he was killed by a car accident and right at the end we find the he was only four.

The poet conveys his feelings of sadness about the desth of his little brother by his skilful use of word choice. An example of this is “cot” which emphasises how young he was and “a four foot box”, to tell us just how small he really was. I think this works very well because it gives the reader a clear idea of what its really like.

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Another technique that the poet uses to convey his sadness is imagery. He uses words such as “snowdrops” which gives you an image of innocence and of new life. Another word he uses is “poppy” which conveys another image of red, of a violent death. This technique worked extremely well with me.

The poet also uses the versification to convey his sadness by using three lines in each verse and then only one in the last “a four box a foot for every year”. He cuts it short to reinforce the fact that his brother’s life has also been cut short. I like the way he did this and I thought it was a good tribute to his late brother.

In conclusion therefore ”Mid-Term Break” by Seamus Heany is a poem which is structured very well and the poet uses, which I thought was excellent, word choice. He also created great imagery using words to convey his sadness. Another method he used to convey his great sadness was versification, which I thought, worked extremely well. In all I thought it was a very good poem from a great poet.

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