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Our group decided that the best solution to the parking and traffic problems on campus was to build a monorail system around campus. The transit center is going to be located off Highland Drive. We are going to build parking structures in this same area as well. Cars will park here and then take the monorail to their destination around campus. The parking in these structures will be reserved for general permits only. The only other parking on campus will be in the R- and G-1 lots that will be reserved for residents and then the structure, which will be for staff and then have some reserved spots for residents. The staff parking spots around campus will stay in place for the time being until something gets built on top of them.

The way our system will work is simple. Vehicles will park in the structures and then the pedestrians will walk to the transit center located next to the structures. They will catch the monorail and then ride it to their destination. The monorail follows both North and South Perimeter roads and then sweeps over to Highland Drive. There will be five stops around campus that passengers will be able to get off at. The first stop is at the intersection of North Perimeter and Via Carta. The next will be at the intersection of Mountain Lane and North Perimeter. The intersection of South Perimeter and Tahoe Road will be the third stop. The next is at the intersection of South Perimeter and College Ave, and finally the monorail will return to the transit center off of Highland Drive. By having a monorail system, there will be fewer cars on campus and the need for parking will be eliminated. This will also help ensure the safety of the bicyclists and pedestrians.

A monorail by definition is a single rail serving as a track for passenger or freight vehicles. In most cases the rail is elevated, but monorails can also run at a grade, below grade or in subway tunnels. The monorail vehicles are either suspended from or straddle a narrow guideway and are wider than the guideway that supports them.

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Some of the reasons why we chose to use a monorail include their popularity, safety, and cost. Monorails have been proven to work well and efficiently. Each and every day hundreds of thousands of passengers are carried on monorails. One example is Walt Disney Worlds Monorail System near Orlando, Florida. This system has one of the highest riderships of all monorails with over 100,000 passenger trips recorded each day on the 14 miles of beamways. Transit planners from around the world are giving serious thought into using monorails. In various cities around the world, as well as the United States, new systems are in advanced planning or construction. Many people have also expressed their interest in monorails. In November of 17, approximately ,000 Seattle voters said yes to an initiative for a 40-mile citywide monorail system. The initiative passed easily and planning for the system is currently under way.

Monorails have been proven to be very safe. Whether they are of the straddle-beam or suspended variety, the nature of their design does not allow derailments. Conventional rail suffers from this problem frequently. Since monorails are elevated, accidents with surface traffic are impossible, which equals a no system down time, less liability suits and most importantly, no injuries or deaths.

Monorails are very efficient and reliable. Monorails regularly operate at an amazing .% reliability. No other form of transit can match that. The rubber tires get little wear running on smooth guideways. Typically, each load tire gets over 100,000 miles of travel before being replaced. Monorails are also cost effective. One example is the Tokyo-Haneda Monorail. This privately owned 8-mile dual beam system has been operating since 164 and has been turning out a profit each year.

Monorails are also environmentally friendly. Since they are electric powered, monorails are non-polluting. Most monorails run on rubber tires and are very quiet. They Monorails are the most aesthetically pleasing of all elevated rail systems, since their sleek design blends in with modern urban environments. The time it takes to construct a monorail is very quick which results in less disruption to the surrounding environments.

Another positive feature of the monorail system is its construction. The construction for the monorail system is very easy. Basically, you dig a hole, drop in a pre-built support pylon, truck in the track, which was manufactured offsite, and then lift it into place. Monorail beamway can be installed far faster than heavy or light rail. There are no other fixed rail systems that can be installed as quickly and as disruption-free as that of a monorail.

These reasons are only a few of the positive benefits that come from a monorail system. This system would dramatically improve our parking and traffic problems and would also help ensure the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians on campus. Although the price of the monorail may be quite expensive, the benefits outweigh the costs and eventually the monorail will pay for itself and end up turning a profit.

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