Sunday, December 25, 2011

New HIre Process

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Feasibility for New-Hire Process

In a brief overview, I’d like to submit a proposal to establish a new-hire process for my company. We are a clinical research organization (CRO) and we help the large pharmaceutical companies bring their drugs to market.

This proposal has been a hot topic over that last two years but upper management has neglected to allow and support a new-hire process to be developed. Our company has grown from a small company (100 employees) to nearly 400 employees over a two year span. As we transition from a “mom and pop” size to a mid-sized company, senior management and the CEO have failed to make the mental as well as corporate transition. A lack of stand operating procedures (SOPs) as well as senior management experienced in a corporate environment has made this growth period extremely difficult for all aspects of our company.

Now that the corporate obstacles have been discussed, I’d like to move on with the day to day impact on the company of having no new hire process in place. The mom and pop mentality puts both the Information System (IS) and Facilities departments in an unfavorable position to succeed. Literally new-hires arrive on our doorstep with no prior lead time as to their start date. When IS or Facilities attempt to verify their employment with Human Resources (HR), they have no information of the new employees. Obviously there is a break down in the hiring process. The fact that a manager may hire anyone without the authority of human resources is quite beguiling.

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All departments would greatly benefit from a new-hire process. A system defining sequential as well as parallel work flows would greatly enhance the transfer of responsibility as well as required tasks in bringing a new employee into the fold. The greatest benefits would be a defined structured approach as well as accountability.

I believe the time is ripe for a new hire process to be designed and implemented. We have new hires considered “Fast Track” hire. These are potential employees being interviewed by the Data Management Department in concert as our Business Development department is negotiating contracts with our clients. The difficulty once landing these types of “Fast Track” contracts is the client requires the project(s) to be fully staffed the day after the contract is signed. We do no “stock” employees like inventory so this is a challenge.

To plead my case further, the lack of SOPs has nearly led to the loss of 5% of our business over the past two weeks. It is a two pronged problem going back to lack of SOPs and the difficulty senior management is having shifting mindsets from a small to a mid-sized company.

The lack of standard procedures to communicate projects in need of resources combined with upper management not allocating adequate resources when bidding the projects have created this tense situation.

I believe starting at the “front door” of the company in the new hire process will be a start in the right direction. It is a simple yet effective operating procedure to implement based on common sense and accountability. A set of requirements will be available in next week’s assignment. There is a catch- issue that must be addressed. The senior management mindset is still that of a small company, add to that our CEO makes critical decisions in a vacuum at times and you see the challenge. The only way this process will be effective is if the CEO is totally committed to this project’s success. Without his support it will fade away as all the other streamlining processes have in the past.

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