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i dont have one Introduction

How we see and understand things constantly alters and reforms. Time and experience allow us to develop and change our attitudes and perceptions of everything people, events, ides, and even ourselves. Most of the time we are not overly conscious of this occurring but nonetheless, it is occurring. Indeed it is a natural process and not something that can be easily stopped or controlled. If you think about what you viewed as important in the world when you were five, ten and fifteen you will have some immediate idea of this process.

Generally we develop views and attitudes about the world and ourselves by being influenced by our experiences. These include being exposed to and influenced by certain belief systems (such as those of our parents and peers) as well as by what we see and experience (such as TV or an important personal experience). It is very important to understand that everyone sees things differently and, therefore, form different opinions of events and people.

Eyewitnesses of the one event can have very different views of what happened and why, in any given situation. Who they are and their previous experiences and value systems might determine this, or they might witness the events from some limited point of view. When we speak of perspective we are thinking about all these things.

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Elective Dialogue

This unit has been prepared by Cathy Sly of Barrenjoey High School.

In this elective, students explore the nature of speech and how speech is represented in a range of texts. Students will examine one prescribed text, in addition to other examples of spoken language in their lives, to explore the uses and conventions of dialogue and its interpersonal nature, who controls the conversation and whether certain voices are silenced. In their exploration of spoken language, students develop an understanding of the difference between written and spoken language.

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