Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wolf in the Field

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Wolf in the Field

The Tundra was cold and desolate. It was completely empty but for one white wolf. I watched as it meandered slowly across the field. Several minutes rolled by before I saw it suddenly raise its head and poise to run. Two shots rang out from the woods bordering the field. The wolf was unfazed and bolted in the opposite direction, my direction.

He reached my position in no time. I had just hidden in a ditch nearby when the wolf flew by me. I felt the wind from its passing engulf me and leave. The magnificent animal left my sight as I stood up to view it better. My feet tingled with cold; I looked down to wipe the snow from my boots and noticed a spot of red in the snow. The wolf had been hit, and this was its blood. I was quite surprised, as he didn’t seem injured while running with such great speed. Following the tracks a little, I saw more blood. After gathering my gear, I began tracking the injured animal. As I went along, there was more blood and shorter strides. A few hundred yards more revealed the wolf; it had slowed to a lumbering walk. I remained at a distance and snapped off several pictures. After some time it again slowed, then stumbled to the ground. I took more pictures while inching closer. The wolf noticed me and started to get up but stopped in a sitting position, so I took another step. The wolf threw its head up and let out a long, low, magnificent howl. It again tried to stand, but this time fell back to lie on the ground. The cloud of hot breath it let out dissipated immediately. He was dying.

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The snow around him turned red as his breath slowed and eyes closed more, and more. I was right next to it now, kneeling at its head. He took no notice of me, and seemed to accept the fate of death while exhaling one last long breath and closing his eyes. The beast’s chest no longer rose and fell. No more hot breath could I see spew from his nostrils. I took one last picture while standing over him. He was dead.

This is an example of poaching in Canada; the country’s diverse amount of beautiful wildlife has to endure such things every day. There are lots of areas in Canada that need the protection of a wildlife reserve. Even the areas that are “protected” don’t have sufficient funds to maintain boundaries and protect the land inside. Thus, I ask you to take action by doing your duty to god and your country; save the environment.

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