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Scout is childish and immature. In the first chapter, her reaction that the event that lead to the loss of Jem’s arm was the expulsion of the Indians from the area. “I said that if he wanted to take a broad view of thing, it really began with Andrew Jackson. If General Jackson hadn’t run the Creeks up the creek, Simon Finch would never have paddled up the Alabama, and where would we be if he hadn’t?”(Pg )

Later in Chapter three, she also attempts to beat up Walter in revenge for making her start off on the wrong foot at school, which is a very childish way to solve methods. “Catching Walter Cunningham in the schoolyard gave me some pleasure, but when I was rubbing his nose in the dirt Jem came by and told me to stop.” (Pg 8) Her childish retorts with Calpurnia and her asking Atticus to dismiss Calpurnia also shows her immatureness. “I told Calpurnia to just wait, I’d fix her one of these days when she wasn’t looking I’d go off and drown myself in Barker’s Eddy and then she’d be sorry”(pg 0) “staying behind to advise Atticus of Calpurnia’s iniquities was worth a solitary sprint past the Radley Place” (pg 1).

When Scout is unable to understand the change in attitudes of both Atticus and Calpurnia on her arrival home from school, she conclude that Atticus has merely “forgotten my noontime fall from grace” (pg 4) and Calpurnia has seen the errors of her way when she bent down to kiss Scout.“She had wanted to make up with me, that was it. She had always been too hard on me, she had at last seen the error of her fractious ways, she was too stubborn to say so.” (pg 5) Scout did not care whatever Miss Maudie did, she felt that since she never told on them and not interested in their private lives, “She was our friend” (Pg 50). This shows the innocence, glorious directness and honesty that Scout had as a child. Scout is very innocent and childlike and unable to understand that Jem has gone to get his trousers back because of pride and consideration, while Scout thinks that he just wants to avoid being beaten because it is painful. ’Mr Nathan’s gonna find ‘em in the morning, Jem. He knows you lost ‘em. When he shows ‘em to atticus it’ll be pretty bad, that’s all there is to it. Go’ n back to bed.’ ‘That’s what know…That’s why I’m goin’ after’em…You’ll get your head shot off, Jem. Please…Atticus ain’t ever whipped me since I can remember. I wanta keep it that way.” (Pg 6) During the fire, Scout also shows her innocent view of her father to be a superhero, all powerful and may be able to stop the world ending when she asked “ ‘Why aint he on top of one of the houses?’ ”, “You think we oughta make him get our stuff out?’ (Pg 76.) “Atticus…knew everything(pg 8)and “The world’s endin’, Atticus! Please do something -!”. She has told us that her father is omniscient and omnipotent.

Scout is also insensitive at times. She was unable to sense Dill’s unwillingness to talk to much about his own father and had to be told by Jem not to ask too much. “‘I haven’t got one.’ ‘Is he dead?’ ‘No…’ ‘Then if he’s not dead you’ve got one, haven’t you?” Dill blushed and Jem told me to hush…” (Pg 14). Later in Chapter three she also embarrasses Walter by commenting on his table manners when he poured syrup on his meal. “But he’s gone and drowned his dinner in syrup… He’s poured it all over�” (Pg 0)

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Scout is very bold in expressing her view and rebellious, as we can see when she commented on Walter’s table manners despite two warning looks from Atticus, and retorted to Calpurnia and in her asking Atticus to Atticus to dismiss Calpurnia. “Atticus shook his head at me” (pg ) “Atticus shook his head at me again” (pg 0) She also refused to take out the gum from her mouth till she was threatened by Jem that he would tell on her. “’Ain’t neither, it’ll take the taste outa my mouth.’ “You don’t ‘n I’ll tell Calpurnia on you”(Pg )

Scout is very literal and innocent. With her misinterpretation of the word ‘upright’ in her description of old Mr. Radley, we can also see that Scout is very literal. “Miss Stephanie Crawford said he was so upright he took the word of God as his only law and we believed her, because Mr Radley’s posture was ramrod straight.” (Pg 17-18). Scout is also very innocent and na├»ve when she “did not realize that Jem was offended by my contradiction him on Hot Steams, and that he was patiently awaiting an opportunity to reward me. He did..”(Pg 4), till Jem took his revenge on her. However, there was a loss of innocence in Scout , when she started to learn how to be tactful, and lied to Atticus “I said I would like it very much, which was a lie, but one must lie under certain circumstances and at all times when one can’t do anything about them” (pg 14) about how she would very much like Aunt Alexandra to stay when the opposite is true.

Scout also has prejudices against people. As we can see when she labeled people, defining them by their surname, and talked as if they belonged to a group with certain characteristics and was not an individual, first in School to Ms Fishers of Walter, “…he’s a Cunningham” (Pg 6) and then at home to Cal of Walter “he ain’t company, Cal, he’s just a Cunningham” (Pg 0), showing how she had not outgrow the prejudice of Walter which she had initially.Later she also gives the explanation of Burris’s rudeness to Ms Fisher as “He’s one of the Ewells” (Pg )

When Scout gave her criticism of the education system, which provided her only with “twelve years of unrelieved boredom”(Pg ) , we can see that she is very crictical and skeptical about the education, “the remainder of my school days were no more auspicious than the first. Indeed, they were an endless Project that slowly evolved into a Unit, in which miles of construction paper and wax crayon were expended by the State of Alabama in its well meaning but fruitless efforts to teach me Group Dynamics” (Pg 8), concluding it to be useless and a practical waste of resource. She also states that Atticus who never went to school “knew everything”.

Scout is violent and easily provoked. She feels that violence is the key to solving a problem. She attempts to beat up Walter in revenge for making her start off on the wrong foot at school “Catching Walter Cunningham in the schoolyard gave me some pleasure, but when I was rubbing his nose in the dirt Jem came by and told me to stop.” (Pg 8), and also beats Dill up twice when he fails in his duties as a fianc�. “He staked me out, marked me as his property, said I was the only girl he would ever love, then he neglected me. I beat him up twice but it did no good, he only grew closer to Jem.” (Pg 47) Scout beats up Cecil Jacobs when he announced in the schoolyard that her dad defended niggers. “I soon forgot”(Pg 80) Scout also beats up Francis when he insults both Dill and and Atticus and provoked her beyond endurance. “This time, I split my knuckle to the bone on his front teeth. My left impaired, I sailed in with my right but not for long.” (Pg 0). From how she fights boy without fear, and argues with people, we can also tell that she is confident.


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