Monday, January 16, 2012

barrett lake

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Opening day of the first year that the lake was open I was in a boat with my buddy Roger and we are both slinging blades. Roger is not paying attention on his back cast and hooks me through the bottom lip and the up through the top lip pinning my mouth shut at the same time, in the process my glasses go flying in the water. It happened so fast I did not feel a thing until Roger keeps tugging on his rod wondering why he cant cast. He looks back and his eyes are as big as dinner plates and I mumble the best I could Is it bad? all he saiz is Dont Move and because the bonehead did not pinch his barb we had to pinch the barb while it was in my lips. I had to fish the rest of the day without glasses so it was hard to see anything.

) I did have a bass grab my pig and jig while it was wrapped on a branch foot above the water since it was wrapped I could not swing but he managed to hook himself and he hung there until I could unwrap him.

) On Wednesday I had one following my fins on my float tube I tried kickin him away and he would not leave so I droped my dropshot on him and he ate it a foot under the water.

4) I was eating my sandwhich and when I was done I threw the crust in the water and 5 bass came up and started boiling on it so I hooked of them on a senko.

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5) I had one bass that I hooked and as soon as I let him go he hung around my tube I threw the Senko on him and I caught him again less than 10 seconds after releasing him.

6)The first year it was open we had picked a boat and loaded all of our stuff in it and I am parking on top of the hill and I hear my buddy Roger yelling hey come back here!!! So I run to the edge of the hill to see what the heck is going on. Well a couple of fellow anglers had been sitting in the parking lot all night long getting hammered and they thought our boat was thiers and by the time Bill the lake guy caught up with them they were half way down the lake he threatned to kick them out but we said it was cool because they were so drunk they obvisouly had no idea what they were doing.


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