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Cookie Ethos

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The Ingrate the Thief Ethos

The Cookie Thief, whose author is unknown, is a poem that starts out with a woman who buys a bag of cookies while she is waiting for her flight. While she is sitting reading a book, she watches a man beside her grab a cookie or two from the bag on the floor. As time ticks by, she watches the cookie thief diminish her cookie stock. The woman can not believe that he would do such a thing and thinks to herself how rude and selfish he is. Finally, when the last cookie is left, the thief picks it up, breaks it in two and with a grin hands her half. The woman is appalled at the thief’s candor and walks to her gate when her flight is called. When she sits down in her seat, she reaches into her bag and finds her own bag of cookies. She then realizes that the other bag was his and he had tried to share. She was the rude one; the ingrate, the thief. By using the example of the woman and the constructed Ethos of the “would be” cookie thief, the author shows how we often ignore our own faults while preoccupying ourselves with others’ faults.

The author first takes a woman and puts her in an everyday situation that almost all of us can relate to. He sets her in an airport waiting for her flight. We have all had an experience where we sat and waited in a place with a large crowd and strange people. By picking this scenario, the author helps the reader feel like they are in the woman’s shoes. By having the Ethos of a woman, the reader would most likely associate the woman more than a man with pettiness. A woman would be more likely care if someone took her cookies without asking. You could also associate the woman with being uptight. If a man were to have his cookies “thieved,” he would be more likely to overlook it. Women often times are tense, while men are often times laid back and would be more likely just to share. When I talk of women like this, I’m not stereotyping them all; in fact it was a member of the female gender who gave me the idea. If the author would have put a man in the place of the woman, he would be less likely to pick out all of the thief’s faults. By using a woman, it is easier for the author to sell us on how fraudulent the cookie thief is, thus making it easier for the author to get his point across. The author then constructs a negative Ethos for the cookie thief. We watch as the thief eats all of her cookies and we begin as the woman does to think how rude he is. Like the woman in the story we begin to pick out all of the faults in the cookie thief.

By constructing a negative Ethos of the cookie thief, the author makes the reader think of the thief’s negative traits. Then, in the end he swaps roles and makes the woman the cookie thief, who we have already sided with to be in the right. If the author was to make the cookie thief have a positive Ethos there would be no one for the reader to preoccupy themselves with and the author would not get his point across. In the poem the author shows how we will preoccupy our selves in others faults and misfortune and not concentrate on ourselves.

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