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daddys getting married

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Daddy’s Getting Married

Page 1

My daddy and I are best friends. I love my daddy and we do everything together.

We walk our dog Lulu, stay up late on weekends and eat pizza, ice cream and read lots of stories. I love my daddy, we do everything together.

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Daddy met a girl, her name is Libby. She is tall with blonde hair and green eyes. She is very pretty but not as pretty as my mum.

She seemed nice at first but then she started staying over on weekends. I hated it! Daddy and I never get to stay up late anymore. I don’t like her! I love my daddy and I want him back.


I told daddy that I didn’t like her and that we never get to do anything together any more. He said he was sorry and that he loved Libby and that we would still do things together but with Libby as well.

I didn’t believe him. When Libby arrived that night they kissed and sat on the couch holding hands and watching TV. I felt so alone. They didn’t want me there. I went to bed crying and cried myself to sleep.

Page 4

The next couple of weeks she started staying over and gradually moving her things into our house. Daddy took down all the pictures of my mother, I didn’t like it! I cried until he put them back.

The house was a mess, her things were everywhere. They started to talk about a wedding and getting married. They want me to be the flower girl and Libby started telling me how pretty I would look in a pink dress with flowers in my hair. I hate pink. Again I went to bed crying.

Page 5

We went to the shops and Libby picked out the pink dress. “I hate pink!” I screamed. “And those shoes are so ugly!” I canted and stamped my feet. “If I’m going to have a dress it has to be blue.” I told her. “But it doesn’t really matter because I’m not going anyway, I hate you!” I yelled at her.

Libby started crying and sobbing. This made me feel bad. I knew then that daddy would be angry with me. Libby then looked up at me and started to tell me her story. She told me how she always dreamed of growing up and meeting a wonderful man like my dad and getting married and having a little girl of her own to love and cherish.

Page 6

She then told me that when she first met my dad her head started to spin and she new straight away this was the man of her dreams. Then to find out he had a little star of his own in the shape of a little girl. And that little girl is I.

Libby bought the dress and shoes I picked, and she told me I would look beautiful in them. We then went home but I could tell Libby was not happy and didn’t talk and laugh like she usually did. I wondered what she would tell daddy.

Page 7

If he would ever want to speak to me again. I knew he would be really angry now and I started to get scared. When we got home I went straight to my room and waited and waited for daddy to come and talk to me. He never came.

Libby called me out for dinner and as we sat at the table eating daddy asked me “how was your day?” I realised then that Libby hadn’t told dad what had happened. That she was protecting me and suddenly I felt very, very guilty.

Page 8

The next day at school everything went wrong. I felt really awful. Emma pulled my plaits and when I told her to stop the teacher went mad on me for talking. My best friend Michael called me names at playtime. My spelling and homework were wrong.

I felt so unhappy and alone. I started to sob and the teacher sent me to the sick bay. The nurse asked me what was wrong. I couldn’t talk, I just cried more and more. When I woke up Libby was there. She held me in her arms and I just cried and cried on her shoulder.


She carried me to the car, to home and to bed. When I woke again later Libby was there. She told me that she loved me very much and that she wants to make both dad and me very happy. I suddenly started feeling safe and a tingly feeling went through my body. It was then that I knew that everything was going to be ok.

Page 10

The big day came and Libby looked absolutely gorgeous. As I walked down the aisle I looked up and saw my dad looking more handsome then I had ever seen before. They stood at the altar and promised to love each other until the day they die.

Page 11

I stayed with Grandma and Grandpa whilst dad and Libby went away for a few days. I wanted to go as well but I wasn’t allowed. Grandma cooked lots of yummy food and Grandpa took me to the park.

Page 1

When dad finally came home I was so happy to see him. There behind him stood Libby and as I looked up at her I realised I missed her too. That night they told me of their travels and gave me shells they collected from the beach. One of the shells I could hear the ocean when placed against my ear. The others were all pearly and shiny, and sparkled as I placed them on the shelf.

Page 1

As I curled up in bed that night I thought about my life. How it had changed and how much better it is going to be now that Libby is here.

I love my daddy!

But I also love Libby too!

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