Monday, January 2, 2012

The Difference of a Ribbon

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Ask yourself, “Does who I am make a difference?” The author of this story would like you to ponder this question while you read this moving story. The story starts off with a class of High School seniors who’s teacher gives them an assignment to give away three blue ribbons with “Who I Am Makes a Difference” written on each one. She asks them to find someone to honor, and when they do they were to give them a blue ribbon. One of the boys in the class went to a junior executive and honored him with a ribbon for helping him with his career planning. The boy then gave the junior executive the two extra ribbons to give to someone else. Later that day the executive went to see his boss, who was a grouchy fellow and asked if he would accept the ribbon. The boss looked surprised, so the junior executive explained to him about a class project and asked if he would pass on the last extra ribbon. That night the boss came home to his 14 year old son and told him all about what had happened to him that day. The boss said how he was supposed to honor someone with the last ribbon. He told his son that while he was driving home he thought about the person he would like to honor, and it was him. Then he continued to apologize to his son for neglecting him for so long and for screaming at him about his grades and messy room. The father tells his son how much he loves him and that he is the most important person in his life. As the father is talking, his son starts to cry. The boy looked up at his father and said “Dad, earlier tonight I sat in my room and wrote a letter explaining why I had killed myself and asking you to forgive me.” He then says he was going to commit suicide that night but because of his fathers’ kind gesture, he didn’t need to do it after all. The boss went to work the next day a changed man. The author of this story has done a wonderful job using the pathos of a neglecting father and his son to show us how small gestures of kindness make a huge difference to others.

The most universally understood example in this story is the one of a workaholic father and his troubled son. The author uses this example because we can all relate to it. All of us at one point or another in our lives have seen a tragedy with this same scenario only the father is too late. When the reader reads the illustration of how the disregarding father saves his son from suicide it tugs on their heart strings creating compassion toward the father and son. We feel this emotion because know one wants to see a young innocent boy lose his life over some thing as simple as a disregarded expression of love. By focusing on this well known family situation, it really hits home with the reader and makes them feel sympathy for both parties. As you read this story you can’t help but look at your own life and think to your self, am I showing or expressing enough love to my family and friends? By using these emotions the author accomplishes his purpose of showing us how a small sign of love toward another will make all the difference in the world, making us want to go out and tell every one we care about that we appreciate them.

The relationship between a father and a son is one that almost all Americans cherish, and as a result, by using the example of the father-son scenario the author is triumphant in making his point. What a great story.

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