Tuesday, January 3, 2012

greatest thinkers

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In the Information Era, societies change so rapidly that lots of perspectives also change more in this time than in the past. Greatest thinkers in the societies always represent a kind of old thinking style. People do not like to be the echo in this era that prefers innovation. That is why most societies seem to not take their greatest thinkers seriously.

Actually, what we learn from the books, from the parents, and from the lives are the effects from the greatest thinkers. Take Plato as the example. He was such a great thinker in the philosophy, even in the mathematics, that the way we think is the effect that he remained. Great thinkers still affect us by their profound work and their achievements because a simple idea can be disseminated across time without generation gap. As Newton said ¡¥If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood on the shoulders of giants,¡¦ without those great thinkers, how can we see further? That is the reason that societies admire them even some of them are far from our time.

However, some ¡§great thinkers¡¨ did something bad to the society that hurt the respect we think about the great thinks. The leader of the religion is some kind of thinker. They also affect people to think about the life. In 1, Branch Davidian made people to believe that the end of the world comes and under the confliction with the FBI, 88 people died. This is such a bad effect on people that they think those good at speaking, or logic are bad guys that no one should believe or admire their thinking. And really some greatest thinkers destroy the people¡¦s confidence.

After all, the importance of greatest thinkers will not be ignored. Some of their ideas or thinking may be of relevance to our daily life, which shape the existing line of thought. And when we take seriously to their points of views, we should consider if these views are good and positive to our life. If we are careful enough, we will no doubt to respect to those greatest thinkers.

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