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I remember that day as if it was yesterday. Sitting outside in the iron chairs, the sun melting our skin, the air thick and heavy, the sky hazy. I glanced upon the house watching the sun glimmer on it, like an animal looking for its prey. The house is huge, and is the most noticeable on the street.

I hear the laughter of William and Catherine making their way home after a hot promising summer. I suddenly hear a awkwardly banging sound, I instantly turn myself around as if I were to pull a gun out and shoot, but right then I curiously thought, I would never be in danger in this safe, secure house of mine. As I turned turn around I see William making his way inside threw the garden, which I proudly like to call my own.

But it all changed the next day everything was sealed up with hard rock tape, doors, windows, cupboards everything as if we were left here to suffer to death. Everywhere was dark, from toilet down to the living room, silence had taken over the house. I could hear the echoes of busters barking, colour had no longer the same meaning in this house. The smell in the house had the power to kill birds, and the grey blazy sky had taken over the once beautiful blue sky.

I stand before the door thinking, what is the use in trying to surviving?, what is there to live for? Life will vanish before my hands. I feel this house is no longer the most safest place, its turned into a war of cat-and-mouse, and this house shall go down like us humans.

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