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Martha Graham assignment-Dance

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Martha graham was born in Alleghany in May 184. She was an American dancer, choreographer, teacher and director of her company. In 116 she went to study at the Denishawn School of dance. The school was a combination of Ruth St. Denis and Ted Shawn. Shawn took over the teaching of graham and she partnered him for most of her time at denishawn dancers.

After leaving the Denishawn School she appeared with the Greenwich Village follies. She only appeared with them for a short while then moved on and began teaching at the Eastman school of music in Rochester. She gave her first solo in New York in 16. She was told she lacked power. In 17 she choreographed ¡¥Revolt¡¦ a rebellion against denishawn.

She founded Martha graham school of contemporary dance late on in 17. A lot of grahams work was very dramatic but not all. Her complete ideas by 181 comprised of more than 160 different titles. One exception of her dramatic work was ¡¥Diversion of Angels¡¦.

¡¥Diversion of Angels¡¦ was influenced by a painting painted by Kandinsky, which was her stimulus. The painting was made up of a lot of different colours with a red slash straight through the middle this is what influenced the choreography of her dance. Her dance piece was a piece to show types of love which were,

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„� A dancer dressed all in red was the red slash through Kandinsky¡¦ painting. Red stands for passion, flirting and maybe danger. In one part of diversion of angels red come across the dancer dressed in white and her man maybe to show an affair. Red does a lot of fast energetic movements. Her movements are flowing. Red weaves in and out of another female dancer and her man as if she was trying to split them up. She uses very strong eye contact to show flirting and pushes her hips towards a male dancer as if to tempt him towards her. When red dances her movements go one after the other. Her music is also very fast compared to whites music. In her duet there isn¡¦t that much contact at first red just seems to tease him a lot. In one part of the dance red takes whites move of an arabesque stand then contract and makes it more passionate.

„� A dancer dressed all in white to represent innocence and she is in control. White does a lot of hugging to show support and caring of others. She also cups her hands a lot to show love. In one part of the dance the red dancer comes across her and her man to try and have an affair but instead of moving white stay still and waits to show she is in control. In another part she opens her arms wide to say if you want love to last you must be open and trusting. When white is dancing her music is quite slow. She does a lot of balancing where she stands very upright to show she¡¦s happy and content. The quality of her movement is sustained. In her duet she uses her partner and he uses her for lots of balances on each other to show support. When white is dancing her movements don¡¦t flow into the next one like reds she does a move then takes a step as a break in the dancing.

„� A dancer dressed all in yellow represents immature young love. Yellow wears a yellow ribbon in her hair to show she is playful. Yellows moves are energetic and playful. Whilst dancing she is always smiling. Yellow does lots of jumps and lifts to show young love. Her music is very light and floaty. At one stage the dancer dressed in yellow does a movement which looks like she is skipping with a skipping rope which shows that she is young. Yellow isn¡¦t on stage as much as the others she only comes on now and again to show it¡¦s a fun love and it isn¡¦t long lasting it only happens now and again. Yellow takes everyone else¡¦s movements to show that they are still together.

At one point the dancer in red and the dancer in white meet and the music changes to sound threatening showing conflict and how those two types of love do not work together. At another point there is a noise like a siren and red flashes across the screen the siren is like the jaws tune. After this they repeat the motif and continue. The men in the dance are dressed in flesh colours to show that they do not represent any particular type of love. The backdrop to this dance is very plain (cyclorama) which makes the audience concentrate on the dancers more which is the intention.


Graham is a very talented choreographer and dancer and her success rapidly increased after she had left all other dance schools and founded her own. Diversion of angels is a very good piece of dance. It is very easy to identify which colour is which love so on the costumes they relate very well to the dance. All of her movements relate also to the dance in some way or another.

She had over 160 different dances by 181 proving she was a good choreographer. Diversion of angels had a different lead character than graham as, as she got older she wasn¡¦t as flexible and lacked the precision needed. In her dances Martha graham likes to show a lot of emotions and most of her dances are based singly on emotions.

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