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When motivation is slipping on tasks being performed by volunteers who have other full time jobs, the learning team suggests that in order to analyze the cause of the motivation problem, an effective manager needs to look at what drives the volunteers and the outside factors that may be affecting performance.

We know that each of the volunteers was motivated to sign up for different reasons. Whether to gain popularity amongst peers, personal satisfaction or even to move a step closer to a promotion; as a manager, one needs to identify these motivational factors and use them to encourage those who are waiving in performance. Sometimes it just takes a little push or reminder for team members to get going on the right track. Meeting with the volunteers personally and having them reinstate their goals was discussed as the best way to accomplish this.

Also, outside factors such as family problems or too much workload may cause performance and motivation to waiver. Of course, these aspects in the volunteer’s life should come first. The learning team recommends that to be able to successfully achieve the goals set, a manager must first be able to recognize these types of problems and encourage the volunteer so he/she can stay focused towards completing the tasks at hand. Discussing options around tough situations and working with the volunteers through problematic times is essential towards effective goal completion.

Managing Individual Performance a

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As most Managers of companies or organizations usually face the tough choice of making sure that they assign a right person to a certain task, we are going to look into the options that those Managers might have.

First of all before making a decision we need to look at the nature of the assignment and figure out for ourselves what is it that we will be looking for in candidates. Does the work requires strong technical skills, mental toughness or whether it requires soft-side values, communicational and interpersonal skills? Do we need someone with established work values and more conservative or we would rather delegate it to someone more advantageous and innovative? Do we need someone who would be creative and open minded or rather someone who would just deliver what exactly is asked for? After carefully accessing the task we need to start concentrating on the candidates. We must get full and detail review of their past work and personal achievements. When in most cases profiling can go wrong at the business place it will be your main tool of successfully achieving your goals. Not every person would fit to take on the task. For example having experienced workers in your organization doesn’t guarantee that the same workers could take on training new comers. And that’s not obviously because of lack of experience but simply because if inability to be a good mentor and share gained knowledge with others.

Organization must be careful in choosing their “Man” for the job. Especially when extreme and unexpected situations may arise. We must bare in mind that the success of the whole organization will depend on that choice.

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