Thursday, January 5, 2012

Online Shopping vs. Traditional Shopping

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The advancement of technology has changed the way many businesses sell products and how the consumer shops for those products. Machinery helps businesses keep up with the demand by aiding in mass production, while the introduction of the internet makes the products accessible to consumers all over the world. This is done with a new trend called online shopping.

Both traditional shopping and online shopping offer good products and relatively convenient service; however, it is the preference of the individual consumer as to which is the preferred method of shopping.

Online shopping offers an alternative to the consumer by basically eliminating the time it takes to drive through traffic to the store, then fighting crowds of people while in the store. Products are viewed from the comforts of home by way of the consumer’s computer screen.

Traditional shopping requires the consumer to drive to sometimes multiple stores, then search through isles, racks, and shelves for the desired item. Meanwhile, most online stores offer a search engine, which allows the consumer to go directly to the item, then browse through the choices offered.

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Both online and traditional shopping offer sales, but online shopping also offers auction style selling, where the consumer can bid on an item and possibly purchase for much lower than the retail price.

Online shopping can also be useful in finding hot items that often sell out in stores. Since the consumer is not limited to stores located within driving range, it is possible to browse the stock of many stores all over the country, or for that matter, all over the world. This makes it easier to locate that “impossible to find” item. Much like traditional shopping, any item desired can be found and purchased; however, the major difference is all the items are in one central location, available 4 hours a day, making shopping easier to fit into a busy lifestyle.

Traditional shopping also has its advantages. As opposed to online shopping, the consumer has multiple payment options, making the need to carry a credit card less important. A traditional shopper can pay by check, cash, or even layaway, which allows the consumer to make payments on a future purchase.

Furthermore, a traditional shopper has the advantage of inspecting the item before purchasing. An online shopper must purchase the product and have it shipped to them before actually getting to see if the product was exactly what they wanted. The traditional shopper can compare with similar products, and even test the item before finalizing the purchase, thus lowering the chances of returning the item later.

The return process can be difficult for either type of shopper. The traditional shopper must drive back to the location of the purchase and wait in line to return the undesired product. Although this can be time consuming, the major advantage is that most stores give refunds fairly easily and most of the time the refund is instant. On the other hand, the online shopper must send the item back to the distributor and wait for what could be weeks for the refund. The refund usually does not include the shipping cost, which the distributor keeps. Even though the consumer does not have to drive, the hassle can be just as frustrating.

Ultimately, both methods of shopping have their advantages. To find which method works best, the individual consumer must decide what is more important.

If the consumer would rather avoid busy highways and crowds, and shop any hour of the day, then online shopping is the way to go. However, if the consumer prefers the physical activity, interaction with others, and the ability to compare products first hand, then traditional shopping is still the better choice.

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