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i want an Othello, brought his own downfall upon him through his flaws, caused the suffering of many people, and he himself loss very much. All of these factors pile up to equal a big tragedy. The biggest things that one notices in the plot, are the great losses incurred by Othello. A key loss of Othello was that of his best companion, his wife, Desdemona. Desdemona was the closest person to him; no one can get closer to a guy than his wife. They were able to share their thoughts with each other and that is very powerful. The unfortunate part to it was that it only took a couple untruthful words from Iago to change Othello’s opinion of her. “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy!/ It is the green eyed monster…” (III, iii). From words like this, and just a little more suggestions, Othello killed his wife. Its hard to believe that just a few well-placed words like this started a chain reaction that caused great harm to Othello. Another is how Othello lost his friends, and is faith in them. By the end of the story, Othello has lost probably his best friend he had in Cassio. He lost Cassio because he did not trust him; Othello thought Cassio was his enemy. Othello believed in Iago so much that he forgot about others. And this trust in Iago was wrongly placed; he turned out to be his true enemy. Othello brought this upon himself by blindly following Iago when he had no other reason to do so but Iago’s reputation as an honest fellow. “I know, Iago, Thy honesty and love…” (II, iii).

When Othello first heard of the possibility of his wife’s unfaithfulness, he still had some sanity left in him; but it was the first domino of the many to fall. When he and Iago talk about Desdemona’s faith, Othello demands proof of Iago’s accusations. “Set on thy wife to observe…” (III, iii). The more of what he heard about Desdemona’s supposed affair with Cassio, the more and more Othello started to lose control of himself and the situation. “My lord has fall’n into an epilepsy./ This is his second fit; he had one yesterday.” (IV, i). His mind was so manipulated that he was never in control of himself. When he learned the truth that Iago had used him, his last chance of sanity was practically shattered.

Othello’s flaw was that he took for everything for how it seemed from a distance. He never did research things for himself or ask others for their view on the subject until it was too late. Shakespeare was completely correct in titling the play The Tragedy of Othello, no matter which way one is analyzing the story, literary or by public sense. For every loss that most people would use to consider it, there is flaw that correlates with the literary definition of a tragedy. Whether it was a small loss or a huge loss, it was supported with a mistake or flaw of Othello. Othello created his own downfall. Yes, it was with the aid of Iago, but he still caused it. It just took Iago to bring his flaws to the surface. Iago was a master manipulator, Othello played right into his hands, so Othello was just a victim of Iago.

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