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Pagan and Christian Influence (The SeaFarer)

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Christians and Pagans have nothing in common. Both beliefs have influenced English literature. The Pagans have a grim view of the world. On the contrary, the Christians have a more positive view of the world. First, the Anglo-Saxons invaded Britain bringing with them Pagan beliefs, which greatly influenced the literature. Later on, the Romans missionaries converted Britain to Christianity. Nevertheless, English literature now includes both Pagan and Christian influences. One example where you can find both Pagan and Christian influences is in the poem “The Seafarer.”

For example, “But there isn’t a man on earth so proud/….That he feels no fear as the sails unfurl/ Wondering what Fate has willed and will do,” is one of the many Pagan influences you can find in “The Seafarer.” Undoubtedly the Pagans fear death. They believe that once you’re dead there is no reward. The man in this poem doesn’t want to die and he thinks fate will determine what happens. Pagans believe that everything that happens is fate. Certainly these lines clearly came from the Pagans beliefs.

Moreover, an example of a Christian influence from the poem is “Death/ Can only bring you earthly praise/ And a song to celebrate a place/ With the angles, life eternally blessed/ In the hosts of Heaven,” Christians believe that death isn’t that bad compared to the Pagans. In fact they believe after death the person goes to heaven. In other words, they consider death is nice, which is exactly opposite of what the Pagans think. Ultimately, Christians don’t fear of death. Quite as evident, this poem has been influenced by Christians.

Nevertheless, in the poem, “The Seafarer,” there are both Pagan and Christian

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influences. Even though Christians and Pagans have nothing in common, you can still see the influences in the poem. In fact these lines from the poem are contrasting each other. In summary, you can see both Pagan and Christian beliefs in English literature.

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