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Soon, very soon now, the American people will be able to stand tall, to hold their heads high, to be truly proud to be Americans, a people who have supported their President and accomplished the goals which he so eloquently expressed, to free Kuwait and restore their former government to power. We wait in eager anticipation for the moment when the exiled Emir, so ruthlessly expelled from his throne by S. Hussein of Iraq, once again takes his rightful position on the throne of Kuwait. Swept back to his throne on a wave of blood and treasure of brave Americans who have so gallantly fought for him and his family, he will once again be able to deposit his daily income of $15,000,000.00, only one-half of the daily oil revenues from the Kuwait oil fields.

He is of course entitled to his 50% of the oil revenues; the other 50% which goes to the people of Kuwait makes them among the highest per capita income group in the world. And we must and do understand that the Emir truly needs this 15M per day income to maintain his Eastern Potentate lifestyle, supporting his 50 woman harem and his personal fleet of several customized Boeing 747 aircraft to whisk him, his servants and his harem around the world. Our sacrifices as Americans, the dollars we have spent, the lives of our people which have been lost will pale to insignificance when we know that once again the Emir can enjoy in peace and tranquility the nuptial blessing of the fifty woman harem which he so richly deserves.

As we wave our flags in pride to welcome the Emir back to his throne we must also remember the very real personal sacrifices and risks which our beloved President George Bush has taken upon himself in making the freeing of Kuwait and re-installation of the Emir possible. We must praise the Presidents wisdom and his willingness to recognize justice and his desire to be fair to all. We can only give thanks to our God that President George Bush was willing to condemn Iraq for its invasion of Kuwait and call for the punishment of S. Hussein for this deed in transgression of international law knowing full well that he risked punishment for breaking the same international law for his invasion of Panama and the slaughter of 4000 Panamanians. We must praise the President for this very unselfish personal risk he has taken to support international law and establish a new world order.

Nor should we forget a secondary risk the President runs in his calling for punishment of S. Hussein for invading a foreign country. Our beloved ex-President Ronald Reagan, Gods blessing to America and President Bushs friend and mentor, could also face punishment for his transgressions of international law for his invasion of Grenada. ( In fairness however, we can be sure that punishment would not be enacted on Ronnie if he could not, which is a high probability, remember the event at all!) We must applaud our Presidents willingness to run these risks to himself and to his friend, President Reagan, in order to set things right in the Gulf.

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We would be remiss in our anticipation of our rightful celebration of the Emirs return if we do not place in proper perspective the unworthy, un-American and ungodly statements and positions which have been taken by the protesters to this war which is truly a just war in celebration of Americas commitment to truth and justice. The protesters do not, of course, understand this as they make statements such as no blood for oil or point out that America stands for democracy not feudal monarchies as represented by the Emir or state that Americas beginning was marked by the defeat of a feudal monarch, the King of England, and the expulsion of his rule from these shores.

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