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Steroid Abuse

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It’s 1 and Brian Piccolo is up on the platform to bench in the 11lb. weight class. He asks for 5lbs. for his first attempt. He approaches the bar with the look of eager and a determined attitude towards tying the state weightlifting record in the bench. He plunges the bar into his chest and tries to throw the bar up with all his might that he possessed. The judge exclaimed “Bad lift,” as Brian was disappointed in his attempt, but he wasn’t finished yet. On his second attempt, he asked the judge for 415lbs., which was way over the record. The judge announced to the crowd that Brian would claim the state record with this attempt. The crowd was amazed by this exclamation. Brian stepped onto the platform and took his position underneath the bar that had once disappointed him earlier that day. He attempted to win and break records with this amazing attempt. Once again failure and disappointment rose throughout the entire complex building. The judge said that Brian could take a thirty minute break before his next lift. Brian soon disappeared into a hallway restroom with a little black bag. Brian comes out with enthusiasm and a new determinating look upon his face that he hasn’t shown all day. He told the judge that he wanted to attempt 450lbs. Everyone started laughing when they heard his attempt was outrageous, since he missed both his first and second attempt. He laid flat on the bench, lowered the bar to his chest and shot it up into the sky like Apollo 1 searching for the lost constellations. “450lbs. good lift son”, said the judge in pure shock and amazement, Brian walked off happy when he noticed he was bleeding from his nose.

Steroids are the most commonly abused drug used by bodybuilders (Northstar). Anabolism is a phase of metabolism where combined substances are mixed into high doses (Northstar). Steroids are drugs that can be lethal and very dangerous. People take steroids in order to obtain optimal fitness, such as football, hockey, baseball, and especially weightlifting. Steroids are intended for those people who have health problems, not for those who are trying to gain muscle mass (Anabolic). Steroids could affect your body physically and mentally through pain and suffrage. High doses of steroids produce no more muscle growth than the normal dose would (Work). Steroids enhance the growth of the muscle if taken along with vigorous physical training and a high protein diet (Work). Steroids increase RNA, causing an increased rate of protein, in which then increases muscle size and strength (Work).

Steroids are lethal and dangerous, with many side effects. Bodybuilders take steroids in order to achieve muscle enhancement and strength endurance. There are side effects of taking steroids such as quick and large muscle gains, aggressive behavior and violent temperature (Anabolic). These are just some of the side effects but there are many more. Women have side effects such as their voice gets deeper, an increase in body hair, smaller breasts, fewer menstrual cycles (Anabolic). There is evidence that suggests that steroids cause the athlete to feel like working out more often and more vigorously (Work).

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