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to close to the bone

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trend and cleanly argues how the popular “new religion” has caused an unhealthy sacrifice of femininity that could possibly threaten the future study of America’s history and the opinions formed about this culture.

Several uncertainties remain regarding the somewhat merited interpretations of our new slenderness craze. Our society has transformed the non-fat diet into a “new religion.” Observations of historical art confirm that men and women strive for a body “close[r] to the bone” than ever before. On the contrary, slenderness has been admired in history on several occasions; in the 15th century thin women corresponded with the gothic cathedrals and their scaling heights. Although such cultures modeled long and thin women, they showed no signs of desiring boniness. The women kept nice curves and were fully busted.

Throughout most of the 0th century, the desired weight for women was entirely contradictory to today’s new definition of beauty. A person’s emotional stability was measured by the amount of fat she had on her body. Near 1850s, Catherine Beecher wrote of how weight was measured and concluded that a person’s own opinion of her weight determined whether or not she was too light or too heavy. The moment thinness came into fashion, old values with numbered scales were replaced with a much lighter standard weight.

Eventually, in the post-WWII era, the insurance companies were finally convinced that Americans were unhealthy and need to drop the pounds. Over time, weight-loss plans proved to prolong life and soon thereafter, fitness programs became popular. Americans that were classified as normal weight were now considered corpulent. But a lighter weight doesn’t always ensure a healthier or more fit person. Forcing sizes and shapes on a person only results in psychological and physiological problems. The new phobia of food has persuaded society that its no longer a basic necessity for healthy living and replaced it with the notion that food is deadly and must be avoided.

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In many ways, the Victorian sentiment toward sex can be closely correlated to the modern attitude toward food. People, especially women, battle with the issue of weight for several reasons. A man’s body is naturally closer to the desired “fit” body type than a woman’s body because she develops more fat in the unwanted areas such as the armpits, thighs, and stomach. In addition, a female’s standard for looking good is far more extreme than the man’s. In fact, 0-5% of all females are not satisfied with their current weight. Women have also made the weight issue a moral demand in today’s society. Furthermore, men have kept several masculine habits that have allowed less structured standards in fashion; public burping, scratching, and spitting are commonly practiced by men. Women have sacrificed femininity in order to meet social expectations where men have refused to do so.

A woman’s social and economical standing is still in many ways measured by her outward appearance. As a result, fashion plays a dominating role in the woman’s world by setting the size, shape, and color that a woman is expected to fit. By accepting the standards set by fashion, society is conforming to its interpretations of beauty, style, and importance. Revealing the new “bony” body has consumed today’s fashion world. It focuses on revealing women’s bottoms and tops by showcasing mini-skirts and tight, skimpy shirts. Instead of criticizing the trend for a no-fat body, health leaders advocated it. The wide acceptance and compliance of society and its authorities only catalyzed the problem and caused it to reach extremes. Now, women believe that they can and must have perfect bodies. Seid fears that when our culture is later studied, historians might assume that society praised the degradation of flesh. They could argue that our desire to be thin resulted from the issue of overpopulation assuming it was an attempt to fit people on Earth by making each person skinnier. In addition, they might imply that our culture had completely stripped women of their beauty.

The new idea of a lean body would most likely petrify even present-day anthropologists with the colorless and emaciated that is flesh revealed. The fashioned body looks stripped of all healthy and sexual characteristics that used to be highly valued. It would be appalling for women not to take a stand and revolt against the new standard that fashion has placed on them; not by omitting the existence of fashion and beauty but by disassembling the new desire of boniness that is degrading women as a whole. Socially controlled eating restrictions simply satisfy oneself and one’s culture and therefore are unacceptable. However, sacrifices made for a religion satisfies a higher deity and thus, should be allowed.

The new desire to satisfy fashion and thinness robs women of normal, healthy and happy lives. People should neglect the “new religion” of a no-fat obsession and replace it with the old ideas of self-value, self-improvement, and a healthy lifestyle.

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