Monday, February 6, 2012


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I went to shoot pool after classes today. Thank god for that no smoking law, the air at the pool hall was actually clear and when I got home, my hair and clothes didnt smell like cigarette smoke. Glad I went, what a stress reliever. It’s been such a long time since I had some fun. The guys were all hilarious. We were all acting so silly. We decided to mark our arms with the blue chalk to show who won the most games. I had 5 blue marks on my arm.

Afterwards, we all went to have Shanghai food at this new restaurant in Chinatown. The food was good, especially the xiao long bao. The soup in the dumpling was so good, and adding the vinaigrette and hot sauce just added a whole new level to my eating experience. We chatted for a long time but the service was bad. Before we were done eating, the waitress brought the check to our table. And as soon as our plates were empty, they cleared the table. I couldnt even finish my hot tea. So rude. They really wanted to get rid of us. Oh well, Id still go back for the food; Ill just make sure its on a less busy night.

Recently finished a fantasy book and it’s really got me thinking about life. The book was about how seven worlds were in danger of being destroyed because of an imbalance caused by a human. A druid brought the human from the Seventh World (Earth) to the Fourth world (the pivotal center of all seven worlds). In the book, all religion was false and created by ignorant men who wanted to gain power and the appearance of knowledge. The human, who still believed in his religion, was crusading against the people of the Fourth World, who he believed were sinners and demons.

I’ve been thinking if god was truly created through the minds of human beings, what are we that exist on the planet Earth. Is it possible that all religion is false? What were the gods of the Egyptians, Greeks, Celts and other ancient civilizations? The gods were worshipped and prayed to, until the explorations of the human mind and science discarded them as pagan and irrational. Can the same state of mind and the same science discard Christianity, Judaism and other religions of the modern world? If there is no god,

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