Monday, March 26, 2012

The day i felt so proud

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The day I felt so proud was the day I learned how to play guitar. It wasn’t easy but

after dealing with my dad not supporting me , people thinking I wouldn’t be able to do

it and many other up and downs, at the end I was successful doing something I

always wanted to do since I was kid.

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At times I would ask myself what was one thing I always wanted to do and the

answer came right away. Since I was a kid I have always enjoyed music and guitar was

the one thing I always wanted to learn. I told my dad about it one day and he said some

things I disagree with and even though we argue a lot about that, one cold afternoon I got

home from school , I walked up to my room , I opened the door and I saw something

on top of my bed. I couldn’t believe it, a brand new guitar. I ran and jumped around the

room. I was so happy my dad actually understood me and bought it. So the next day I

called one of my buddies who I knew played guitar to teach me a song I always wanted

to learn. I was thinking it was going to be easy but it didn’t take long for me to change

my mind once my friend came home and showed me what I was supposed to do to be

able to play that one song. Twenty minutes later my friend had to go. Before leaving he

was tuning my guitar like it was before and then all of the sudden I heard a weird sound

and I looked and saw a broken string, I said out loud “ Thanks a lot buddy.”

The next day I went to Guitar Center a place where I always wanted to visit. I was

afraid because I didn’t know much about guitars but I still went over there to get a new

set of strings for my new guitar. Once I got there one of the people working there asked

me if I wanted to try out a guitar that just came out. I didn’t know what to say at first but

I ended up saying yes. I was shaking and terrified. One guy sitting close to me started

playing a really crazy solo. My jaw dropped, I was so amazed by that but it was time for

me to play something so I sit down and grabbed a chair. I could barely even hold the

guitar right and for some reason my fingers weren’t doing what my brain was telling

them to do. I couldn’t even hit a note right and to make things worse the amplifier I

was plugged into was loud and everyone heard me trying to play so I

lifted my head up and the first face I see was that guy who was sitting close to me

smiling. He gave me this weird look and started to show off again. I felt bad and

embarrassed by the whole thing. I stood up and went home. That same night I asked

myself if I had what it takes. I was confused but deep down I knew I still had so much to

prove to myself even if that guy at Guitar Center who just laughed at me thought I

wouldn’t ever be able to do it. I still was going to try and do my best.

Two days later I made a schedule. I was planning on practicing everyday as much as I

possible could. Everything was set. It was time for me to go and grab that guitar and not

stop until my fingers would hurt. So one day I chose this one song from my favorite

band. It was difficult. I couldn’t find the right note but I was going to do it no matter

what. Day after day I would go and sit by the computer and practice. Friends would call

me and asked if I wanted to go out but I always said no. Even my parents would tell me

to stop and do my homework but all I could think of was me getting better and learn that

one song. I would spend hours sitting and practicing. Sometimes I would forget to

eat but didn’t care. Months kept passing by until one day I remember the weather being

really bad. It was raining. With not much choice I went and sat by the computer. I

grabbed my guitar , I plugged it into the amplifier and put the cd from one of my

favorite bands on and all of the sudden I was able to play that one song I chose

months ago without hitting any wrong notes. I was shocked. It felt so good that the

sun came out, like if the sky felt my happiness. Later that night I said to myself why not

and try to learn another song. It took a couple of hours and I was able to play it without

any mistakes. It was a day I would never forget.

That was the day I felt so proud of myself. I finally learned how to play guitar after so

many obstacles I had to deal with. My dad not supporting me at first, people thinking I

wouldn’t be able to do it, the ups and downs I’ve dealt with on the way to success, that

whole experience definitely changed my world and my way of thinking. It made me

realize that everything is possible in this life and I can accomplish anything I want as

long as I put my mind into it, work hard and never give up because sooner or later it pays


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