Monday, March 26, 2012

Las Vegas

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My family went on vacation to Las Vegas two years ago. It was me, my brother Tim, my dad Tim and my mom Kim. We needed a vacation and Las Vegas ended up being the perfect spot.

We stayed at the Excalibur; a huge hotel, built like a castle that features jousting tournaments. The hotel, like most, doubled as a casino and as a hotel but also had many shops, shows and games. We spent some time there, but most of the time we made our way outside to the rest of the city.

Vegas is one enormous place of entertainment. It does not feel or look like your average city by any means considering the endless amount of arcades, casinos, malls, restaurants, parks and anything else you can think of. The city glows with an infinite amount of bright lights in and around the buildings, which makes walking at night a must.

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While walking the strip, especially at night, it is easy to stumble into an entertaining place; most commonly a casino. Casinos are everywhere and gambling machines can be found in malls and even your local McDonalds. Gambling is clearly the main focus of the city because of the huge amount of money it draws in. But while places of gambling are the playgrounds for adults, there are equal amounts of other things to do.

I spent a substantial amount of time at the local arcades, and there were many. They were also bigger then you can imagine and there were even many places built just for an arcade, but I commonly found them at malls. It was also great to check out the myriad of crowded shops that offered all kinds of interesting things that you can not find in Alaska. The whole city was one big tourist trap, but who cares? There was also a plethora of various theme parks and rides.

The rides I found in Las Vegas were insane, to put it in simple terms. For example, I road a large roller coaster that sat at the top of a gigantic hotel called “New York New York”; it was not exactly the most ‘fun’ experience I have had. On the other hand, the theme parks were much better and had a lot to offer, and we had a lot of cash to burn. And cash burns very, very fast in Vegas whether you are gambling or not.

We spent the rest of the vacation wasting away our money for the three days that seemed like four. It was a great experience, and I would like to go back again. I would never want to live in that place, but living near it would not be too bad.

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