Thursday, March 15, 2012

A letter to an Editer

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One can see that I am a very interesting and enjoyable person to work with. There are five interesting areas about my life that I think you will want to know about. These include my interests, my goals for the trimester in your class, my learning styles, and what you can expect from me in the class.

First, I have various interests in my life. I love rock music, but also listen to a variety of other types. I also like to read. I prefer Science Fiction and Fantasy novels the best, but again, I will also read a variety of other books too. Another interesting hobby of mine is dirt biking. Even though I do not race, I still enjoy riding in the woods or on premade tracks. One final interest of mine is web design. I currently operate several web sites and I am skilled in web design programs and coding.

The second area of my life is the group of goals I have for your class this trimester. The first of these goals is to get about a 0 percent on the final test at the end of the trimester. My second goal is to be able to understand and review trigonometric concepts better by the end of the first week. My third and final goal for the class is to be challenged in math while still being able to keep at least above a 0 percent grade overall.

The third area of my life that you will probably want to know about me is my learning styles. Usually, I am a very academic student who strives for the best. I always attempt my homework even if the chances of understanding difficult concepts are grim. I feel that school is one of the highest priorities in my life and I wish to treat your class the same. I also am willing to adapt to new styles of learning and homework. As most teachers will tell you, I am very open minded to all types of ideas and am not afraid of what may seem like an overbearing project.

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The final area of my life that you should know about me is what you can expect from me in class. You can expect many things from me in class. First, I am willing to give you and other class mates my full attention. I am not considered to be a trouble-maker or distraction and I try my best to put the class on top priority for the hour we are together. I also treat homework the same. You can expect it to be on time and complete. Rarely, have I ever turned in homework late. If it was, chances are that I had somehow forgotten to bring it. You should not have to worry about this however. I am not the one to forget and I come to class prepared with all the materials I need.

As you can see, there are many areas of my life that I would like to let you in on. These areas are my interests, goals for your class, learning style, and what you can expect from me in the class. I hope we can have a productive and memorable trimester together. I hope things work well and are good.

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