Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nature vs. Nurture

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Nature vs. Nurture

In my opinion, nurture plays a significant role in development. From infancy to

adulthood, outside influence is responsible in decision-making. Infants will mock or

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imitate the actions of others. They may start with some form of sign language, in an

attempt to communicate with an adult. Toddlers develop their language skills by repeating

sounds, words, and/or phrases they hear from their immediate surroundings. During the

early childhood years, a child may view another preschooler pushing and shoving on the

playground. In return, the child may use the same inappropriate behavior to obtain or

prove something. Adolescents are notorious in proving the nurture theory. Teenagers

often find themselves in the midst of peer pressure. They often follow friends or other

groups in an attempt to fit in. Children of all ages are affected by nurture.

Even in adulthood, nurture is evident. It could even be a combination of the

above-described situations. Perhaps an adult was neglected or even physically abused as a

child. That may or may not influence him to abuse his or her children. Maybe a college

student inspired a child; as an adult, that child may go to college. Peer pressure could

even influence an adult. I stole, because my friend was doing it. I witness someone

else doing it. A physical altercation on the behalf of an adult could have been a reaction

from a previous experience. Unfortunately, adults even make childish choices.

Whether you are a child or an adult, nurture plays an important part in overall

development. The environmental surroundings can impact the life of a child or adult. Air

pollution, water contaminants, poisons, and so much more can cause other negative

developments. There can be a development of cancer, brain impairments, and other

physcial and mental functions.

Nurture can be a result of another persons influence. However, nurture can also

result from controllable and uncontrollable environmental factors. Nature cannot be

completely ruled out, but nurture seems to be the superior influence in development.

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