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Rock and Roll isn’t all fun and games

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word’s Rock-n-Roll? If you thought of sex and drugs, believe me you’re not alone. The main reason I began playing music was for those two reasons, but I would soon find out that there is a lot more to music then just sex and drugs. My band the Subterranean Hooligans were booked for a show on March 5th. The weeks leading up to and the day itself were part of the most grueling month in my life.

The work all started at the beginning of the month. We (Dave, Tommy, and I) printed off about seven hundred fliers. Every day we would hand them out, around school, the mall, and any other place we thought there would be large masses of youth. It seemed every store had a problem with us promoting so we would have to come up plans to make it less obvious we were selling ourselves. We would drop fliers in front of people and ask them to pick them up, when they would go to hand them back to us we’d be gone. Dave came up with a plan to wear a sign that said “ask about the fliers” on his shirt, when people did they got a flier.

Finally, after weeks of scrutinizing promotion the day of the show had arrived. At eight-thirty p.m. we were scheduled to go on. We were awake at six-thirty, By nine-o clock we were at the Grotto ready to setup; at least we thought that, that was going to happen. When we got there we soon realized we had no stage, so we headed over to Lowe’s to see what we could get together. It took us three hours to construct a stage but we finally got it done. Now all that was left was setup, and sound check. It was about two hours from show time and we still hadn’t heard from the band that was up to play first, this created another problem. Without the bands’ equipment or the band for that matter we couldn’t do a sound check or setup. Finally they arrived and we were off.

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All in all the show lasted about four hours, it was now time to pack up and take it all home. We packed the equipment up first; it required two trips to get all of our equipment home. Then we had to come back and grab the stage; this also took two trips since the stage was so big. By the time everything was said and done it was about one-o clock in the a.m. and we were pooped. Although we still managed enough energy to have a kick ass party afterward.

Playing rock and roll isn’t just sex and drugs, it’s hard work, and practice. To anyone who doubts this I suggest you try it out for yourself sometime, you may gain a whole new respect for the business, I know I did.

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