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I believe that everyone had the experience of having been the victim of stereotype. I had been the victim of stereotype who is always misjudged because of my appearance and age. Among these unfair experiences, one has given me a deep impression.

Last summer, I got a summer job, which was selling some prepaid phone cards. There are about sixty types of prepaid phone cards in our store. They had different rates and the countries they call to are also different, so I pushed myself to memorize all information on the phone cards. My job is to listen to what our customers need and then advise to them which card can fulfill their needs.

One time, a man came to our store and said he wanted to find some phone cards to call to Singapore. But after he knew Im new, his manner changed immediately. He became angry. He said, ”I dont want to talk to you. You cant help me..... What do you know? Young girl. You must dont know everything, ask your manager or senior salesman to serve me. I dont believe you?

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But at that time, the manager and other saleswomen both had gone lunch. So I explained to him politely, Sir, all other saleswomen are out now. I think I can help you also. These are some types of phone card, which call to Singapore? I took out some phone cards, and told him what were the differences among them, for example, which one had the cheapest rate, which one can hear better. But obviously, he didnt listen to me, because he had already judged me as young and new, so I dont know anything. Even though I tried my very best to persuade him, it seemed I worked in vain, because I faced the most stubborn man in the world. He said, “Did you hear me that I dont want you to serve me? Im your stores long-term customer, I bought hundreds of phone cards here, so I knew everyone in your store except you. Last time a new girl like you recommended a phone card to me, but when I used that I found that the quality was so poor, I can’t hear what my friend said at all. I was angry at that time, but I still had to smile at him just because he was my customer.

After a while, our manager came back. Once the man saw our manager, he changed his face and his tone of voice immediately. He complained to our manager that I couldn’t help him. I was so embarrassed. Then my manager took out some cards and said they were good for that man. Only they were good? These three words, the man felt at ease and paid the money immediately. The most ridiculous thing was I had recommended the cards he bought half an hour ago. The man left satisfied, because he thought that he found his right card finally. However, I, the new employee and girl, was so frustrated because of his behavior. My manager consoled me that every new salesman/saleswoman would face this situation. His understand and forgiveness made me felt better.

I think we have to put ourselves in her/his shoes for a minute occasionally. All peoples nature is selfish, well think about our interest before others. Sometimes we do the things, which make ourselves better off, but may hurt other people. In Chinese, there is a phrase which has similar meaning of put yourself in her / his shoes for a minute, my parents used to tell me to remember it when Im making my decision all the time. Also, I expect other people use this attitude to treat me too. If I dont want other people to misjudge me, I have not to misjudge other people first, thats what I think. If everyone in the world can behave like this, there may be no crying, or anger or even no wars...

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